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Casascius: Gorgeous earthy Bitcoins that have genuine value

With all a new hum about Bitcoin — being means to sell them for Amazon present cards, and a value of a cryptocurrency soaring to new heights — what competence have gotten left out is that we can indeed obtain a earthy form of a crytpo-currency.

Called a Casascius Bitcoin, any earthy china comes in opposite sizes and is done with opposite element depending on a value. The coins are done by one chairman not a supervision or ruling body, so if you’re wondering what gives them tangible value, it’s that any china has a small label embedded inside that contains a Bitcoin wallet with a coin’s value — in BTC — in a account.

If we are wondering about a start of a tenure “Casascius,” it’s not quite engaging — it’s Caldwell’s online hoop and a name of his site.


Created by Bitcoin fan Mike Caldwell, a coins come in values of 1 BTC, 5 BTC, 10 BTC, and 25 BTC, and can usually be paid for in Bitcoins. The 1 BTC china is done of plain brass, has a hole of about 1.125 inches, and weighs a entertain of an ounce, while a 5 BTC is a same size, though lonesome in nickel and somewhat thicker.

10 BTC

The 10 BTC china is done of 0.999 fined silver, has a hole of around 1.53 inches, and weighs in during a small over one ounce. This china is convenient in possibly in full china or a china chronicle with a gold-plated Bitcoin symbol.

25 BTC

Finally, a 25 BTC china is electroplated with gold, has a hole of 1.75 inches,  and weighs in during about 1.2 ounces. There’s also a 100 BTC bar — simulating a thought of a bullion bar found in a imagination safe — that is electroplated with gold, weighs about 4.2 ounces, and measures in during 80mm x 40mm x 6mm.

Currently, 1 BTC is value about $92, though we can’t squeeze a Casascius china with US dollars, as Bitcoin is a usually supposed form of payment.

Each earthy china contains a private Bitcoin wallet embedded on a label inside, that can be accessed regulating an 8-digit formula singular to any china and printed on a outside. In sequence to redeem a BTC kept on a coin, we simply enter a earthy coin’s 8-digit formula into your Bitcoin customer of choice. Considering a value of a Bitcoin is stored on a label embedded within a china and not inspected by a china itself, if we mislay supports from a coin, your glossy 25 BTC china won’t be value 25 BTC anymore.

Each Casascius Bitcoin is stable by a stout covering of holograms, that protects a 8-digit code, and is reportedly intensely formidable to breach with unnoticed. If tampered with, a hologram is pronounced to leave a really conspicuous honeycomb settlement on a coin. Since Caldwell combined a earthy coins, he had entrance to a cards and a accounts on that a supports are stored. However, he claims that given he has given out his real-world identity, if he ripped we off you’d be means to simply find him and take authorised action.

Unfortunately, as of Apr 1 Caldwell had to stop approach orders of Casascius Bitcoins. Due to a remarkable recognition of a currency, Caldwell felt incompetent to supply a marketplace with his coins by himself, so now we can usually obtain a earthy coins by resellers, or by invites from Caldwell himself. However, if we trust auction sites, it’s easy adequate to burst on eBay and find them.

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