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Former Sega worker reveals Sega Pluto antecedent console

Sega has been out of a home console marketplace for over a decade, with a final Dreamcast rolling off a prolongation lines in early 2001. But a new console was suggested yesterday, despite it an aged one that never done it past a antecedent stage.

The console is called a Sega Pluto, and apparently usually dual antecedent units were ever made. The one we see in a gallery above is owned by a former Sega of America worker who somehow finished adult with it on his table during Sega. When he got laid off a Pluto was placed in a box and taken home.

Since then, a owner, famous by a name Super Magnetic on a ASSEMbler forums, changed to Japan and left his Pluto in a US. But some 14 years after appropriation it he now has it in Japan, sourced a energy wire for it, and motionless to share some pictures. Unfortunately it’s a segment sealed NTSC section and he doesn’t have any US games to play, though it does boot.

As for what’s inside a Sega Pluto, it looks to be a mutated Saturn that includes a NetLink 28.8kbit/s modem as standard. It authorised Saturn consoles to be related adult regulating a dial-up tie for multiplayer gaming, with support built into games including Daytona (NetLink Edition), Duke Nukem 3D, Saturn Bomberman, Sega Rally, and Virtual On.

The Sega Pluto never done it past a antecedent stage, though a surrounding carries a Saturn trademark suggesting Sega dictated to marketplace it underneath that name. You can also see it is a really opposite pattern to a customary Saturn. Most important is a flip-top visual drive.

According to a contention on ASSEMbler, a Pluto was nowhere nearby saying a release. The surrounding is CNC machined and a black embellished on, display how early this section is. Super Magnetic is deliberation opening a Pluto adult for serve shots, though is also deliberation offered it due to a likely high value of a unit. A front has also been found by another user that is an inner Sega Saturn CD-R that binds a depot privately for Pluto.


I don’t consider this is a final we’ve listened of a Sega Pluto. Regardless of either it gets sole or not, we’re certain to see videos of it using games before too long, and hopefully images of the internals, too.

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  • Sega Pluto front view

  • Sega Pluto left view

  • Sega Pluto back view

  • Sega Pluto underside

  • Sega Pluto booted

  • Sega Pluto visual drive

  • Sega Pluto back battery/cartridge slot

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