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Galaxy S4 shade blemish exam uses knives, pens, and coins

Samsung’s new flagship phone, a Galaxy S4, is set to recover during ATT stores on Apr 27, yet business that pre-ordered a device might accept it a integrate of days before. Due to a inlet of smartphones and a news cycle surrounding them, we generally know their capabilities before they strike a market. What we don’t know, however, is how many abuse they can take, that is since dump and blemish tests are always so prevalent right around a vital phone release.

Thankfully, a Galaxy S4 is no different, and if we have a stomach for it, we can watch someone else try to hurt his phone with a assistance of some knives, pens, and coins.

The video shows several knives carrying their approach with a Galaxy S4?s screen, from what looks to be some arrange of minute opener or cheese knife, to a serrated blade and a large beef knife. Each blade slices, rubs, and stabs a screen, causing us to recoil in anticipatory fear as if a shade will unexpected be transposed by someone’s hand.

The many expected law-breaker of a blemish that gets tested, though, are some pennies and keys, as those have a aloft possibility of being in a same slot as your phone than a beef blade does.

The Galaxy S4 is stable by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3, that positively seems to reason a possess opposite a fusillade of cutlery, coins, and keys. The tester isn’t going easy on a phone either, as any object generates a shrill sound when creation hit with a screen.

The finish outcome is a shade but any repairs whatsoever. So, if we were on a blockade about purchasing a Galaxy S4 since we didn’t wish to give adult stuffing your pockets full of knives, we have zero to fear.

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