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Goodbye lava lamps: You can now buy ferrofluid sculptures that dance to music

Your swanky bachelor pad featuring the lava lamps and disco ball (kept hidden in a secret compartment in the ceiling) was once pretty happenin’. However, we’re now a third of the way into 2013, and it’s time to upgrade to something more fitting for the times. If you just can’t part with the aesthetics of a gooey, flowing substance, then replacing your lava lamps with a ferrofluid sculpture is the best way for you tell anyone you invite back to your place that you’re living in 2013, but still have the same great taste of the 1960s. With Kickstarter project Ferrocious, a desktop ferrofluid sculpture, it’ll be easier than ever to redecorate.

A ferrofluid is a liquid that becomes magnetized when a magnetic field is present. When manipulated, ferrofluid can form into various shapes and patterns, such as clearly defined spikes or ripples running. So, rather than displaying blobs and chaos, you can replace your lava lamp a magnetic liquid that can form highly intricate patterns.

Now, ferrofluid doesn’t naturally respond to sound, but Ferrocious jury rigs the sculpture with science. An electromagnet sits at the top of the sculpture, and responds to sounds in the range of around 250hz and lower. This means that Ferrocious can respond to normal audio tracks found in music, including vocals, bass, and percussion. The sculpture can receive sound either through a standard 3.5mm audio jack, or a built-in mic. The unit is powered by a standard DC wall adapter.

In standard Kickstarter fashion, there are oodles of rewards for backing the project before the funding period is over. For a minimum pledge of $59, you’ll receive a Simple Ferrofluid Display, which is a clear tube containing the fluid, and an accompanying magnet that you can drag around the outside of the tube in order to manipulate the liquid. Don’t buy one of these — it’s passive and looks to be quite unexciting.

For $85, you’ll nab a do-it-yourself Ferrocious, which means that with some ingenuity and proper tools, you’ll be able to build your very own dancing-ferrofluid sculpture. For a pledge of $149, you’ll net yourself a pre-built Ferrocious, as well as the free time that would’ve been occupied by building it yourself if you went for the $85 pledge. If you want both the Ferrocious and Simple Ferrofluid Display, that’ll cost you $178.

So, if it’s finally time to make your bachelor pad high tech, or you just now realized your pad can be made more hip through the power of science, head on over to the Kickstarter page and give Ferrocious a glance.

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