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New GTA V triple-trailer showcases midlife crisis mayhem

It’s been almost five years since Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar’s bowling and plutonic man-date simulator, released. The next installment in the epic saga of straying from the main storyline so you can pile up a bunch of cars at an intersection and blow them up with a rocket launcher is set to release for consoles on September 17 of this year. To hold you over for now, Rockstar has released three trailers of the game’s three main characters, which if you couldn’t guess, are all angry men that do crime.

Though the game will be about five-and-a-half years older than its predecessor, the visual upgrade is still striking. The character animations are fairly impressive, though for some reason don’t rise to industry notables like L.A. Noire and the Uncharted series.

The trailer features some old-fashioned domestic violence and adultery, the tried-and-true method of a divisive character discussing his troubles with a therapist so the audience can relate to him amidst his unrelatable tendencies, and — obviously — Queen’s “Radio Ga Ga.”

New to the series, though is the inclusion of the aforementioned three different main characters, rising through the ranks of crime in three starkly differently environments. Michael, the lucky recipient of the Radio Ga Ga treatment, will feature in an upscale suburban crime story. Franklin will hearken back to San Andreas, and will rise to prominence in an urban environment. Lastly, the unhinged, underwear-clad Trevor will make his way out of the trailer park and into our hearts, referencing certain body parts that aren’t hearts along the way.

Though we all know what to expect from GTA by now, it’s refreshing to see a somewhat new take on the same old crime simulator. We only have around four months until we see if that new take bears narrative fruit, rather than baseball-bat-to-the-head fruit.

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