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Create legendary robot battles from old electronics

In this day and age, you most likely have a bunch of old electronics lying around — namely computer parts — that you can’t justify throwing away because they still work fine, but you can’t usually sell back or trade in because outdated computer parts don’t have much of a use. So, unless you’re a whiz with DIY electronics projects, you probably wish you could think of something better to do with all of your old computers and devices. A new Kickstarter project feels your pain, and though the campaign won’t come clean up your closets, it aims to provide everyone with a fun kit to build cute little robot models out of discarded electronic components.

The project, created by a group of programmers and engineers, aims to — in their words — make art fun for engineers. The D.Bug Model Kits make models of robots, rather than robots that utilize the electronics to, for example, walk around. So, builders can focus more on building a pretty, shiny figurine instead of worrying about making parts functions.

The project boasts its own lore as well: bugs run rampant in computers, so by building them and “trapping” them in a jar that comes with each model, you’re quarantining the bug, keeping it away from your precious workstation.

For a minimum pledge of $35, you’ll receive one of the three offered kits — the Watch Dog model — which seems super casual about being trapped inside a jar for the rest of its life.

Watch Dog kit

For a pledge of $125, you’ll receive one each of the three model kits. Each kit comes with the display case, instructions, all of the necessary electronic components, and decals. If you pony up in-theme pledges in the thousands — $1,337 or $3,141 — you’ll receive prebuilt models set in their own dioramas.

The kits are put together through the magic of soldering, so you’ll need your own iron, as they’re not included.

“This is all great,” you think to yourself, “but what am I going to do with my closet full of old computers?” The D.Bug team is currently looking into ways to recycle old, discarded parts into the kits. As of now, they haven’t figured out the best way to do so while maintaining the robots pristine, shiny aesthetic.

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