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Ridiculously difficult Xbox 360 Lego disc-changer somewhat simplifies your life

If you’re a fan of a judgment behind Rube Goldberg machines — origination something intensely difficult to perform a simplest of tasks — YouTube user zwenkka has a ideal appurtenance for you. Rather than a Rube Goldberg rig, zwenkka built a rather vast and formidable appurtenance regulating Lego Mindstorms with a idea of changing his Xbox 360 discs so he didn’t have to humour a earthy fee caused by years of spasmodic switching out a front in a console’s slot.

Rather than keep your Xbox 360 games in their particular boxes and orderly orderly in a drawer or on a shelf, we can reason adult to 32 of them in this front changer, gripping them eternally prepared for insertion. The appurtenance is totally autonomous, and can not usually insert, though barter out or mislay discs.

The appurtenance is tranquil with an app that zwenkka found on a Google Play Store, so during slightest it doesn’t need tradition module along with a tradition hardware.

The carousel is tranquil with 3 Lego NXT bricks — radically a mind of a Mindstorms origination — while a nails are means to pierce interjection to a pneumatics system. The approach a supply chooses and stores discs is indeed utterly simple. Each front container is numbered, so once a actor chooses that slot, a supply knows that one to spin to, and a scratch knows that front to grab.

The normal time it takes to change a front is around 42 seconds. In all, a supply contains a aforementioned 3 NXT bricks, 7 NXT servos, a light sensor, an RC motor, dual tone sensors, and around 3,000 Lego parts.

Considering a build time and normal time it takes to change a disc, a extravagance-to-usefulness ratio is rarely amusing, in that it’s most quicker — and a lot easier — to only change a front yourself.

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