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Smartphone and RFID-enabled luggage won’t ever get lost at the airport

Aside from crashing and perishing in a fiery ball of death, one of the biggest fears associated with flying is losing your luggage. Being stuck somewhere that isn’t home without any of your things or a fresh change of clothes is terrible, and there’s a chance that all of your favorite items will be forever lost to the airport gods. Airbus hasn’t solved the crashing from 30,000 feet part of flying, but the company is attempting to solve the losing your luggage part with a new smartphone and RFID-enabled luggage tracking system.

Called Bag2Go, the prototype luggage would be linked to the airport’s baggage network, and a barcode on the surface of the bag can be read by an iPhone. Using an app called Find My Bag, the iPhone would be able to track the bag to make sure it didn’t go to Philadelphia while you were flying into Ft. Lauderdale. The bag’s handle also acts as a scale, and if you lift the bag up, a weight is provided so you can make sure the bag is under the airline’s weight limit. Furthermore, an RFID chip embedded in the luggage allows it to work with airports that already have an automated system, in which the bag is automatically linked to your itinerary or frequent flyer identification.

Bag2Go is currently in the prototype stage, but Airbus aims to not only sell the luggage to customers, but set up a rental service at airports. Creating some kind of near-utopian society, Airbus is planning on having the rental bag delivered to your door, where you can then pack it and ship it right off. Never again will you be forced to drain your phone’s battery while standing in the baggage check line. Continuing this utopian dream, after your flight, someone would claim your bag and deliver it to wherever you are staying, be it a friend’s house or hotel. The company estimates that the smartluggage will only be 20% more expensive than standard luggage, though with the wildly varied prices of luggage, we’re not entirely sure what that estimate means.

Before Airbus releases the product, it first has to figure out how to make it profitable, and if that means licensing the system to airports. If you’re interested, you can check out a Bag2Go video and learn more.

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