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Leadwerks brings local 3D diversion growth to Linux

Now that Steam has come to Linux — and with it, brought a handful of renouned games, as good as a incomparable handful of reduction renouned games — a height is really solemnly apropos viable for gaming. However, Linux games still tend to be ports — and we all know that while ports are improved than nothing, they’re customarily not as good as building a diversion natively. Kickstarter plan Leadwerks for Linux aims to do only that, and move worldly diversion growth to Linux.

Ironically, Leadwerks did not start life as a Linux tool, and a growth group will indeed be porting it over to Linux. Do as it says, not as it does, we suppose. The program is touted as a visible apparatus for building “any kind of 3D game.” Though a program will run natively on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 is a initial target), it will mercifully concede we to pier your diversion to Windows and OS X — deliberation all that tough work being singular to a partially tiny Linux assembly wouldn’t be a best reward. Leadwerks also provides a capability for top-notch graphics, so while crafty indie platformers with pixelated “retro” graphics seem to keep a masses happy, we won’t indispensably be flooded with some-more of them.

Now that Steam has come to Linux, Leadwerks will also bond to a Steam Workshop, so we can reap a advantage of all a dumb and not-so-wacky creations sitting on a service. Furthermore, Leadwerks will concede for a elementary acquiescence to Steam Greenlight by a press of a button.

The Kickstarter debate already strike a appropriation idea of $20,000 with 21 days still remaining, though with many Kickstarter campaigns, there is still a widen goal. Currently, if a appropriation hits $26,000, OUYA and Android support will be combined to Leadwerks; other widen goals have not nonetheless been revealed, though a diction suggests there will be some-more combined if a initial one is reached.

If you’re meddlesome in building a diversion for Linux on Linux, or we only wish other people would, conduct on over to a debate page and flog in a few bucks.

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