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NeverWet superhydrophobic spray hits stores this week

We all know that, at some point in your life, you really needed the ability to make something waterproof. Thankfully for your windows, Rain-X gets the job done with minimal effort on your part, but Rain-X eventually wears off and requires a new application seemingly all too often, which can be tedious. The world learned of NeverWet — which you can think of as a tougher, longer-lasting Rain-X — two years ago, but now the spray has finally hit the market.

Unlike Rain-X, NeverWet claims to repel a large variety of liquids from just about any surface, preventing potentially terrifying situations, such as spilling chocolate syrup on your new white shoes. Much like any late-night informercial, the demonstration video for NeverWet makes anyone who sees it want to use the product.

NeverWet comes in two parts, a base coat and a top coat. As the above video demonstrates, all you do is spray the bottom coat onto a surface, wait around 15 minutes, then apply the top coat and wait the same amount of time. After that, the silicon-based spray protects from a majority of liquids, and can be used to coat a surface of around 10 to 15 feet.

You can see water beading up on a surface, almost resembling T-1000 pooling itself back together. The coating looks downright amazing when a person dunks an iPhone — display on — into a vat of water and the phone doesn’t seem to mind. By the time the chocolate syrup is spilled on the white shoes and simply rolls off, resembling a lava lamp, you’re probably already looking up item availability. The video remains amazing, though. The outer edges of a square piece of glass is coated with NeverWet, while a square section in the middle is left blank. When liquid is poured onto the glass, it stays in that uncoated center section, not moving to the coated outer edges.

The video is essentially five minutes of NeverWet being water’s worst nightmare over and over again, but it never gets old. Supposedly, the company claims that NeverWet-coated products have survived submerged underwater for a year. On top of that, the coating will survive high-pressure blasts. The company doesn’t specifically claim how long the coating lasts, but like Rain-X, it’s likely a safe bet to assume the longevity of the protection relies on the conditions it endures.

The spray, which retails for $19.97, will become available at Home Depot within the next few days, but will eventually rollout to other stores as well.

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