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Nintendo 2DS vs. 3DS and 3DS XL: The specs your preference should hinge on

Yesterday Nintendo astounded only about everybody by announcing a code new handheld device called a 2DS. At initial peek it looked like a bill chronicle of a 3DS, that creates no clarity unless we also take into comment that Nintendo is aiming this device precisely during a 7 and underneath age range.

So with a warn now settling down, it’s time to take a demeanour during only how most (or little) a 2DS differs from a strange 3DS and incomparable 3DS XL.


The 2DS is by distant a cheapest of a 3 handhelds during $129.99. By comparison we can collect adult a 3DS for $169.99 and a 3DS XL for $199.99. That 2DS cost contingency enclose a concrete distinction domain for Nintendo, yet is still low adequate to tempt a squeeze for younger kids.

A 2DS and a integrate of games is also going to come in during around a same cost as a PS Vita ($199), that is poignant generally now Sony has forsaken a cost of a Vita to compare that of a 3DS XL.

Dimensions weight

Even yet Nintendo has private a hinge from a 2DS, it’s not a lightest of a 3 handhelds. The 3DS weighs in during 235 grams, a 3DS XL is 336 grams, while a 2DS sits in a center during 260 grams. It’s misleading since this is a case. The weight might have been combined in a routine of creation a 2DS as indestructible as possible, scheming it to be in a hands of immature children.

The measure of a 2DS endorse it’s about as thick as a 3DS models, yet shorter and somewhat wider than a 3DS:

  • 2DS: 127 x 144 x 20.3mm
  • 3DS: 74 x 134 x 21mm (closed), roughly 148mm high when open
  • XL: 93 x 156 x 22mm (closed), roughly 186mm high when open

The 2DS, by default, becomes a largest of a 3 to lift around simply since we can’t overlay it in half. That also means no lift box reuse and some-more appendage sales for Nintendo.

Display size

You’ll be blissful to hear that nonetheless this is a cheapest of Nintendo’s handheld units, a association isn’t skimping on arrangement size. The 2DS matches a 3DS in that courtesy with an top shade that is 3.53-inches and a reduce touchscreen of 3.02-inches. The best knowledge is still on a comparatively large 3DS XL screens, yet afterwards we wish to be personification on that while your kids are focused on a 2DS.

The jury is still out on either a 2DS indeed has a singular or dual screens inside. It has been suggested it’s just a singular arrangement unit to save on costs and Nintendo has dark a rest behind a casing. As shortly as iFixit manages to get their hands on one we’ll know for sure.


Both a 3DS and 3DS XL shipped with an SD label thrown in for free. For a 3DS it’s a 2GB label where as a 3DS XL includes a 4GB card. Nintendo has motionless to compare that for a 2DS and embody a 4GB card, that we consider points some-more to them wanting digital purchases function rather than generosity.

The thing to concentration on here is there’s going to be copiousness of storage out a box so there’s no need to squeeze another, incomparable label for a while during least.

Next page: Battery life, audio, and the verdict…

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