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Saints Row IV has a $1 milion special edition, includes plastic surgery

By now, we’ve come to expect video game releases to have some sort of collector’s edition. Lesser known games have amusing bundles in order to drum up interest, while the more mainstream titles have massive collector’s editions that can reach above and beyond $200 — more than twice the price of a new retail game. Saints Row IV looks to be the most ridiculous entry into the series yet, and a ridiculous game deserves a ridiculous bundle. SRIV is so ridiculous, in fact, that one of the collector’s editions will be worth a million bucks.

The bundle is called the Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition. It includes the Commander in Chief edition of the game (which you get if you pre-order the title), which gives you a stars and stripes America-themed outfit and some wacky America-themed weapons. Along with that, you’ll get a full-size replica of the game’s Dubstep Gun, a shopping spree with a personal shopper, seven nights for two at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington, and seven nights for two at the Burj-al-arab in the Top Royal Suite.

Those are the normal additions to the bundle. You’ll also receive a Toyota Prius complete with insurance, a Lamborghini Gallardo and a one-year membership to to the E25 Super Car Club, a full day of spy training, a hostage rescue experience, plastic surgery of your choice, and a trip to space with Virgin Galactic. While the trip to space might be the coolest, it’s definitely not the weirdest, as receiving a plastic surgery procedure when you buy a collector’s edition of a video game sure is strange. Maybe it’d be a little less weird if the bonus came with Surgeon Simulator.

The bundle costs one million bucks, and there is only one available. Ars Technica did a little digging and found the bundle to have a value of around $630,000, so take that million dollar price tag as you will. You can pre-order it over at UK’s Game, for “only $1,000,000.”

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