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World of Warcraft film to start filming in January, 2015 recover expected

After years of rumors, name calling, and fake starts, Warcraft finally seems to be gearing adult for filming. A film prolongation tracking database called Production Weekly has tweeted that Legendary Studios is environment adult in Vancouver, Canada, to start filming in January, 2014.

Right now, usually a prolongation association (Legendary Pictures), executive (Duncan Jones), and author (Charles Leavitt) are known. No casting announcements have nonetheless been made. Jones is a absolute name in geek circles, carrying destined a complicated sci-fi classical Moon. He also done a entirely gimmicky book for Source Code into a fun, watchable experience, when by all rights it ought to have been annoyingly standard. Writer Charles Leavitt also brings credibility, carrying penned a book for a Academy Award-nominated Blood Diamond. Spiderman and Evil Dead executive Sam Raimi was formerly helming a project, though recently quit after years of inaction.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

Pandarens not nonetheless confirmed.

Though this is popularly referred to as a “World of Warcraft movie,” in existence it’s a some-more ubiquitous cinematic instrumentation of a Warcraft universe, and as nonetheless there are no sum about what partial of a novella it competence cover. A teaser trailer during San Diego Comic Con showed a tellurian confronting off opposite an orc in a reduction of live movement and CG.

Honestly, a summation of a story of Arthas, or anything else lonesome in new games, seems unlikely; Blizzard has pronounced that one of a reasons they’ve taken so prolonged in gearing adult to this plan is that they wish to do something that’s both new and right for a series. This seems to indicate that they’re committed to opening adult a whole new area in a star — that would also work utterly easily as an introduction to a theme matter of their subsequent Warcraft-themed game. Whether it’s an expansion, a new MMO, or a lapse to a franchise’s RTS roots, what improved approach to stir adult fad for a new knave or favourite than to entrance them on a china screen?

The film is approaching to recover in 2015.

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