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Delta against to devise for second Atlanta airport

Could Atlanta finally be on a verge of removing a second blurb airport?

The thought has been broached many times during a past dual decades in Atlanta, now a largest U.S. metro area to be served by a singular airfield for blurb newcomer airline flights.

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The latest bid to rise a second airfield in metro is now underway during a little airfield northwest of Atlanta. Backers aim to move in blurb airline flights and a cluster of aviation-related businesses, though a plan faces a poignant hurdles — including infrastructures needs as good as antithesis from Atlanta-based Delta and a city of Atlanta.

The Propeller Investments organisation is spearheading a effort, announcing on Friday that it has entered into an agreement with Paulding County officials to rise Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport, located about 38 miles from downtown Atlanta. Under a agreement, a airfield will be renamed Silver Comet Field.

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A website underneath a airport’s new name is now live, reading “departing soon” for what it says will be “a new airfield for metro Atlanta.”

In an disdainful talk with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Propeller CEO Brett Smith tells contributor Kelly Yamanouchi he hopes to announce airline flights to a Paulding airfield by a finish of 2014 — yet sovereign capitulation still contingency be secured.

Smith would not name any of a impending carriers. The Journal-Constitution reports that convenience conduit Allegiant reliable that it has had talks with a Paulding airport, though a airline combined it had zero to announce on a subject.

The Journal-Constitution writes “the airfield and Propeller prognosticate singular airline service: one airline with a few flights a week. Hartsfield-Jackson has some-more than 1,000 takeoffs each day.”

“We’re going to be a dump in a bucket compared to Hartsfield,” Paulding airfield executive Blake Swafford says to Yamanouchi. “So is a use going to expostulate down prices during Hartsfield? No, substantially not … But it does yield another choice for consumers that they now don’t have.”

Yet there are challenges. Underscoring a growth still indispensable to ready a airfield for blurb airline service, a Journal-Constitution records that “Paulding’s airfield … is little and remote, with no control tower.”

The airport’s new website goes on to say that “when completed, Silver Comet Field will offer a operation of moody destinations” that “will offer a fun, friendly, hassle-free experience, tradition tailored for a internal Metro Atlanta traveler.”

The website also promises “a state-of-the-art newcomer depot that is available and easy to navigate.”

On that point, Smith tells a Journal-Constitution’s Yamanouchi that Propeller would spend several million dollars, including building a proxy control building until a FAA put adult a permament one as good as assisting with infrastructure such as container handling.

Yamanouchi records “other sum could be daunting.” Among those, Yamanouchi writes that “the airfield would need confidence infrastructure and staffing, including $250,000 value of fringe fencing for that (Propeller) skeleton to find an FAA grant.”

Despite a list of equipment still indispensable before blurb flights could begin, a Journal-Constitution says a bid still “is a latest try to offer choice airline use in a Atlanta region, one of a few in a republic with usually one blurb airport.”

But growth and comforts are not a airport’s usually hurdle. Public antithesis halted a identical bid final year in Gwinnett County — also partial of suburban Atlanta — and could turn an emanate in Paulding.

And, as we competence expect, there’s antithesis from a stakeholders in Atlanta’s primary airfield Hartsfield-Jackson International, that is also a busiest airfield in a world.

Delta Air Lines is a tip conduit there, and it fast pronounced it would quarrel any skeleton for Paulding.

“With a city of Atlanta and Mayor (Kasim) Reed, we will work together to conflict any investment in that facility,” Delta CEO Richard Anderson pronounced in response, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Delta has against a thought of a second blurb airfield in metro Atlanta any time a theme is raised.

“Hartsfield-Jackson is a best, many critical airfield in a Southeast, if not in a United States,” Anderson added, according to a Journal-Constitution. “And resources should not be dissolute for a trickery that will take an huge volume of money and eventually be an mercantile and village failure.”

Paulding airfield executive Swafford called Anderson’s greeting “arrogant” and “short-sighted” while pledging it won’t impact his airport’s plans.

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