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Philips Hue lineup expands with a BR30 bulb, readies for full home takeovers

Philips’ Hue connected lighting system — a set of LED bulbs that we control with your smartphone — has been out for a year and in that time a association has finished poignant swell with their product. Today Philips has announced a biggest further to Hue yet: a new tuber type. Hue launched with a many renouned bulb, a A19, and currently is following that adult with a color-controllable BR30 downlight.

As we competence recall, Hue was rather meagre during launch, though within in a few months betrothed facilities like geo-fencing, alarms, and remote (internet-based) control were delivered and all got many better. As a year went on Hue landed a possess IFTTT channel and afterwards dual concordant hardware products: a 6-foot prolonged frame of LEDs and an accent lamp. Both were pricey ($90 and $80 respectively) though they worked good and protracted a Hue system.

Hue BR30 full kitIf you’re not informed with a BR30, it’s a second many renouned tuber form in a United States. It’s a directional flare (the A19 is customarily omnidirectional) that is many mostly found in roof placements. (I entirely explained a flare form behind when Cree expelled their possess BR30 LED lamp.)

BR is a judicious choice for Hue given a popularity, a series of homes that use them, and a chain of these bulbs in vital areas of a home. BB30 bulbs also tend to cost some-more than A lamps, that will partially censor a responsibility fundamental in a Hue bulbs.

An particular Hue BR30 flare will sell for $59 while a 3-bulb pack will be $199. The pack will embody a Hue overpass — a square that connects your internal network to a lights — and is entirely concordant with stream A19 Hue systems. Each overpass can control adult to 50 Hue products.

I had some time to exam out a new bulbs and if you’ve used Hue afterwards we know accurately what to expect. Because my Hue complement was already setup a designation routine took only a few seconds — I screwed these bulbs into my apartment’s sockets, dismissed adult my Hue iOS app, found a bulbs, and afterwards customized them. The Hue app gets a tiny bustling when we are determining mixed products, though it’s easy adequate to arrange by them if we take a time to name any one and do other simple customizations.


After that, a BR30s are pretty good lamps — we wouldn’t spin to them for ideal CRI or tip efficiency, though there is no deputy for a tone customization they offer. During my time regulating Hue I’ve gotten utterly accustomed to environment my apartment’s lighting to coordinate with what I’m adult to. For example, if I’m relaxing and it’s late in a dusk I’ll reduce a tone temperature, though if it’s late and we have to get some work finished though descending defunct I’ll lift a tone heat to a indicate where some blue is entrance by and I’ll feel many some-more alert. Between a updates to a Hue app, a expansion in 3rd celebration Hue apps, and services like IFTTT, a product is a many improved buy than it was during launch… even if it is still pricey.

Not each home is matched to BR30s though many are, generally as we try out into suburbia. Between a A19 and BR30 bulbs Philips has many building lamps, roof cans, recessed lighting, and unresolved fixtures lonesome so as prolonged as are peaceful to spend $100 (or so) per room we can outfit whole homes and offices with app-controlled lighting. This competence not seem like a large deal, though doing a same thing a few years ago would have cost 10x a many — if not some-more — and not delivered a fragment of a functionality.

Philips has also told Geek.com that Hue line will be a removing a GU10 flare by a finish of a year. The GU10 is a small, directional flare that is mostly used in table flare and lane lighting. With a GU10, a BR30, and a A19 Philips will have many of a home’s indoor sockets taken caring of.

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  • Philips Hue – BR30 Kit

  • Philips Hue – BR30 Kit

  • Philips Hue – Full kit

  • Philips Hue – BR30 lamp

  • Philips Hue – BR30 lamp

  • Philips Hue – bridge

  • Hue BR30 full kit

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