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How was that 49ers fail liberation not reviewable?

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With reduction than 9 mins remaining in a NFC championship and a Seattle Seahawks on a verge of scoring a game-opening touchdown, Jermaine Kearse held a Russell Wilson pass and stretched out to try and hide a round over a idea line to give his group a 10-point lead. As he did that, a round was nude by San Francisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman. After holding possession, Bowman fell to a belligerent with control of a ball. It was a transparent fumble, 49ers liberation and a vital pitch in a game.

Except it wasn’t any of that. Despite it being an apparent fail to a 65,000 people examination a diversion in a track and a 40+ million examination on television, a 49ers didn’t get a ball. Seattle defended possession. The reason: The play wasn’t reviewable.

How? How is that play not reviewable? What’s a indicate of carrying any arrange of replay if there’s going to be capricious distinctions about what can and can’t be looked at?

This sold order states that liberation of a lax round in a margin of play isn’t reviewable since a fail itself can't be reviewed unless it’s been called on a margin by a refs. Such plays are reviewable if they occur in a finish section or a sideline.

Confused? Of march we are.

To make matters worse, Fox’s Mike Pereira pronounced he has listened a NFL had been meditative of creation this sold play reviewable in 2014.

For a few minutes, it felt like that change would come about 8 months too late for a San Francisco 49ers. Then, on a fourth down play, Marshawn Lynch bobbled a handoff, San Francisco pressed him before a idea line and took over on downs.

It was a devious approach of removing to a correct outcome. Justice was served by no error of a absurd, nonsensical NFL rules.

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