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Ubuntu 14.04 drastically improves gaming on a MacBook

For a integrate of years, Valve has been observant that, when scrupulously optimized, games run faster on Linux than on Windows. Granted, a association hyped Linux — many notably, Ubuntu — for utterly some time since a arriving Steam Machine was set to use Linux as a handling complement of choice, as Valve attempted to abstain Windows.

Regardless of Valve’s clearly continuous Linux-based claims and pleas, a infancy of a gaming universe didn’t caring really much, especially since of Linux’s singular gaming library — it doesn’t matter if games run faster on Linux if there are no games on Linux. Now, though, a new examination carried out by Michael Larabel of Phoronix has found that if we implement Ubuntu 14.04 on a MacBook, a gaming opening of a mechanism drastically increases.

How extreme is a increase? One diversion – OpenaArena, a popular Quake-like open-source arena-based shooter — ran during a low 20 fps on OS X 10.9.2 during a fortitude of 1366 x 768, though on Ubuntu 14.04, ran during 137 fps during a same resolution. Interestingly, another open-source first-person shooter, Xonotic, primarily ran improved on OS X than Ubuntu 14.04 during a lowest settings by about an additional 7 frames-per-second. However, on middle and high settings, Ubuntu 14.04 surfaced OS X to a balance of between 20 and 30 fps.

However, this is a computing universe — full of many opposite configurations and ghosts in machines — and not all is zodiacally improved on allied hardware and software. Nexuiz, nonetheless another open-source first-person shooter, managed about 37 fps during a fortitude of 1366 x 768 on OS X, though forsaken to about 25 fps on Ubuntu 14.04 during a same resolution.

OS X isn’t ideal for gaming — something that a gaming universe has famous for utterly a while. However, a startling bit is that simply installing another non-Windows handling complement on your MacBook can significantly boost a gaming capabilities. Unfortunately, attempting to diversion with Linux’s library as your usually apparatus means you’ll be using out of options earlier rather than later, though it might be a good approach to breathe new gaming life into comparison hardware.

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