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How to side-load apps on to a Amazon Fire TV

We already know Amazon’s absolute new set-top box runs Android and offers adult an considerable list of calm options for we to select from, though what if we wish something that isn’t on a list? Amazon has finished it so side-loading apps is not usually impossibly easy, though officious speedy if we are a developer.

One of a large hopes with Google TV was that a use of Android as a underlying OS would meant entrance to a large app library that is accessible on a platform, including a strenuous series of games, streaming, and internal calm apps. This incited out to be reduction than true, due to a multiple of height restrictions put in place by a calm providers, restrictions put in place by Google, and a stipulations found in a hardware used in a inclination that had been sole during a time.

While Google seems to have found an superb streaming resolution with their Chromecast platform, there stays a underline opening that no other Android device is unequivocally addressing. That is, until Amazon expelled a Fire TV.


Amazon’s box is regulating Android 4.2.2 with some complicated UI and underline modifications to fit their needs. While it might demeanour extravagantly opposite from a Android height so many are used to, underneath it all runs a same. In fact, Amazon has finished it so accessing a device remotely and side-loading apps is impossibly simple.

If we don’t already have a Android Debug Bridge installed, you’ll need that to pierce forward. Once we have it, you’ll need to capacitate ADB on a Fire TV by streamer to Settings System Developer Options and flipping a toggle labeled ADB Debugging from Off to On.

On your desktop, you’ll now be means to bond to a Fire TV over your internal network around ADB Connect. Grab a IP residence from your Fire TV, that is located in Settings System About Network, and in your Terminal or DOS Prompt form in adb bond :5555 and strike enter. You should get a response that confirms we are connected to that IP address, though we can also form adb devices and endorse in a list that follows that authority that we are connected.

Once we are connected around ADB, we can side bucket an APK record by typing adb install. After a app transfers to a Fire TV and installs we will get a Success response, and we can now use a app on your TV.


Apps that we have side commissioned regulating this process will not uncover adult in a apps list on your home screen. The usually calm we will ever see in a Home area is Amazon authorized content. In sequence to see and correlate with a app we have installed, we need to go to Settings Apps and demeanour for your app in a list. You can launch a app from this list and use it like we would any other app, though unless we also implement a tradition launcher you’ll need to go to this list to see a apps we are side-loading.

When we grabbed XBMC to side-load, we found that a app ran accurately a approach we expected. The controller worked good in navigating a whole UI, and it even commissioned sincerely quickly. This chronicle of XBMC didn’t support hardware acceleration on Android, so a opening during playback was reduction than optimal. To mislay this chronicle of a app so we could implement a chronicle that improved upheld a hardware, we can only use a uninstall duty in a UI on a Fire TV and it’s gone.

There’s still copiousness of exploring to be finished with this small set tip box. It’s probable with a small adore from a Android village that this appurtenance could do all kinds of crazy things, and Amazon has clearly left a doors open for us to do accurately that. It’s also good for a things Amazon indeed designed it to do, though what’s a fun in only regulating it a approach it was intended?

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