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Anti-Gay Rights Catholic Bishop Accused of Same-Sex ‘Misconduct’

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis’ Archbishop John Nienstedt is obvious for his outspoken statements opposite happy people and matrimony equality. And now, a Catholic personality is underneath review by a law organisation hired by a Archdiocese, formed on “multiple allegations” that Nienstedt had family with mixed men, including priests and seminarians. Although he certified a investigation himself, a Archbishop denies a allegations are true. His archdiocese reliable that a review was underway, according to a Religion News Service

The story was initial reported by a Catholic repository Commonweal, formed on an talk with the archdiocese’s former criterion lawyer Jennifer Haselberger. Here’s what she told them, apparently formed on conversations with a lawyers doing a investigation: 

“I trust that a investigators have perceived about 10 sworn statements alleging passionate impropriety on a partial of a archbishop dating from his time as a clergyman in a Archdiocese of Detroit, as Bishop of New Ulm, and while coadjutor and archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis,” Haselberger told me. What’s more, “he also stands indicted of retaliating opposite those who refused his advances or differently questioned his conduct.”

According to RNS, a lawyers’ lines of inquiries embody an review into possibly a archbishop had a attribute with  Rev. Curtis Wehmeyer, a clergyman during a core of a sex abuse liaison now plaguing a archdiocese. 

In response to a story, Nienstedt told Commonweal that “I have never intent in passionate bungle and positively have not done any passionate advances toward anyone.” And in a statement, Neinstedt emphasized that “The allegations do not engage minors or lay members of a faithful, and they do not implicate any kind of bootleg or rapist behavior.” This is not, however, a initial time a Archbishop has faced critique for purported misconduct, including a Dec indictment that he groped a child during a print event for a acknowledgment into a church. That accusation did not outcome in charges opposite Nienstedt. And Neinstedt has been indicted of assisting to cover adult a sex abuse liaison in the archdiocese. 

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In 2012, Nienstedt cumulative about $650,000 in church income to support a due amendment that would anathema same-sex matrimony in a state. That amendment eventually unsuccessful during a polls, despite his substantial efforts to convene Catholics to opinion for a passage. But he’s continued to conflict same-sex relations with burning rhetoric, as well. He has claimed that “Sodomy, abortion, contraception, pornography, a redefinition of marriage, and a rejection of design truth” are “threatening a fortitude of a civilization,” and that a source of those “threats” is satan. And earlier, a Archbishop became infamous for essay a minute to a Catholic mom, revelation her she had to possibly reject her happy son or bake in ruin forever. 

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