How British are spending money on discount coupons for food, petrol and clothes brings back memories of the post WWII. And the more discount coupons available online, the more they find reason to spend their hard-earned money. And why not? Vouchers offer unmatched deals when it comes to consumer items, travel, service and entertainment. According to the survey conducted by Bestvaluefares, the unstoppable voucher-buying habit of people nowadays matches how the people in the era of 40s and 50s spend on their necessities. In fact, the biggest decision of consumers when buying vouchers is not the actual product itself, rather, the consuming public sees the huge amount of saving they benefit from it. David Mapp, Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC) commercial director, observed how the people have changed their spending habits as far as discount coupons and vouchers are concerned.

Kohl’s and other prominent retail shops have also succumbed to the growing demand of vouchers and coupons. Not only retailers are hoarding Kohls coupons to benefit discounts from their basic necessities, people nowadays are also seeing the opportunity of availing family-oriented services in a price that is incredibly low. Families, for instance, secure theme park, holiday resort, or luxury hotel discount coupons just in time for the summer season. Some of popular establishments cannot afford to let the surge of new-age consumers pass them by, and that is why Camelot Theme Park, Chester Zoo, Chessington World of Adventures, Hollywood Bowl, Vue Cinemas, Alton Towers, Delta Force Paintball, and other family-oriented spots are joining the bandwagon. It is actually a win-win situation: consumers get to have huge savings from big discounts, while companies enjoy the fast-rise of sales from their loyal clients and effectively introduce their products and services to new customers.

Restaurants, whether high-end or food chain, also get their fair share, and they too are able to generate a huge following when they introduced vouchers and discount coupons to the market. Not only it makes their loyal customers even more satisfied, the entrance of discount coupons in the picture attracts new breed of patrons as well. Money Super Market reports that consumers get an approximately £3m of savings daily on the cost of food, and with that, consumers will never dare miss the chance. Reports stated that there was a rise of 30% of customers using vouchers, and in the past six months, there are about 60% of clients that used vouchers in restaurants and dining spots. It seems like more and more people are dining out and buying food just because of the discount the restaurants offer.

Vouchers are here to stay, and that is according to Discountrue, one of the leading discount coupon websites today. 72% are into buying vouchers and using them this present time, while 89% of the consuming public believes that it is just practical to make use of vouchers and discounts most especially during challenging times. In fact, a big chunk of the voucher-using population makes use of vouchers for buying food (79%), while the rest are used for dining-out (47%).