We all have a dream of going on a world tour or at least on a long-term trip, as it is most fun-filled, exciting, and distinctly surprising. However, it is a fact that not all of us can grab up such an opportunity. Well, there are many reasons behind it, as several things tend to get in the way.

Well, this does not mean that traveling the world is tricky. It simply means to get on the road in different ways and explore the world around. There is no need to explore all top destinations. Similarly, you need not perform all recommended things to do.

You only need to select the most enchanting destination (not necessary a city or a country) as per as your preference or interest, along with the manner in which you will be exploring it. For example, you may choose to explore a national park by strolling or safari, or a nearby island via diving or snorkeling.

That’s it! The level of content and joy is bound to be more than what you get for been on a world tour! Here are such top 5 holiday ideas to travel and explore if you lack both money and time to enjoy optimally:

Tour Your Own Town

There are New Yorkers who have never visited the Freedom Tower. Similarly, there are many Brisbanians who have not seen the St. Helena Island National Park. This is because most of us do not think to explore our own city. There is perhaps a tendency of procrastination when it comes to exploring one’s own town.  

So, why not delay procrastination forever and do it right away? Nothing is more quickly and affordably accessible than this idea if you lack time and money. Even if your city is small or just a village, there are certainly hidden wonders to unleash!

For a genuine tourist experience, do book a hotel, lodge, or hostel room. Or else, you will never have that typical feeling of excitement, curiosity, and adventure. Just as a tourist, get a tourist pass to explore a variety of unfamiliar local attractions for free or discounted rates.

Get On a Nearby Cruise

If you love to be on the beach, you will surely love to go far a bit and explore the mysterious islands or natural beauty. Okay, it is true that a cruise tour is generally costly even if you book a small cabin and choose a less costly package.

However, the key for saving maximum money is to go for a last minute booking or advanced booking. If you are the first or last passenger, a really tempting bargain can welcome you.

Last-minute deals are worth checking out, as no ship owner would like to start the tour with several empty cabins. Similarly, for early birds, there are amazing offers!

No, there is no need to book a week long cruise. You can even grab one of hourly or one-day tours to explore the nearby yet far places tucked away from your coastal town. However, look for nearby cruise tours. For example, if you are in California, the cruise lines offering tours from the Newport Beach are what you need to explore.

Just watch the prices even after you book, as any major drop can earn you some vouchers or a partial refund.

Go for a Last-minute Trip

If saving money is your top priority, book an expensive tour at the last minute (just some days or hours before). The idea is the same as that of a cruise. You can get up to 30% discount if you do so. Alternatively, you can choose a trip that gives you some unusual destinations at a really cheaper price per day.