Big pup spooked by extremely tiny kitten while trying to make friendsContrary to popular belief, cats and dogs
can actually be great friends. They don’t really have much in common, but hey, opposites attract. That being said, the tricky relationship between this large doggo and this tiny kitten needs some time to develop. Boundaries need to be set, rules need to be followed, and hierarchy needs to be established. Instagram user tipthevelvet posted this video of her new tiny kitten, Oliver, getting acquainted with her Great Dane, Ronan. Oliver quickly shows his new friend who’s boss by giving Ronan an itty-bitty boop on the nose. And by the look on Ronan’s face, he understands who’s in charge here. Getting to know each other #boundaries #whostheboss #thelookofterror #hiseyestho #kitten #greatdane #catvsdog #ronanandoliver @ashley_revis27 This video is represented by UNILAD. For all licensing/usage enquiries, please contact A post shared by Stephanie Duda (@tipthevelvet) on Jul 1, 2017 at 8:17pm PDT Ronan is SHOOK by Oliver’s feisty swat, and tries to make himself invisible behind the blinds. He gives the scrappy kitten some serious nervous side-eye before walking away, realizing that they have some progress to make before they become BFFs. We’re confident that Oliver and Ronan will warm up to each other soon, though. We bet they’ll be cuddling — with no swatting — in no time.  WATCH: Doctor Octopus-esque robotic arm attachments will lend you an extra hand or two

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