Nearly 30 years after his burial, Salvador Dali’s mustache has retained its exquisitely twisted appearance.

Forensic researchers exhumed the surrealist painter’s body this week to remove bones, nails, and hair for a court-ordered paternity test. Dali’s embalmer, Narcis Bardalet, witnessed the exhumation, and upon seeing the well-preserved mustache, told Catalan radio station RAC1, “It was like a miracle… his mustache appeared at 10 past 10 exactly and his hair was intact.” The “10 past 10” reference alludes to the way Dali bent and waxed his mustache to point as a clock does at 10:10.

The seemingly death-proof mustache, however, is no miracle, and it’s unlikely that embalming techniques had anything to do with its preserved state.

“The embalming has nothing to do with the survival

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