From the time humans appeared on the surface of the earth, it was essential that goods and services must be shipped from one location to another. This important aspect of existence was achieved mainly by using the roads.

Most times then translocation was done on foot, while some few influential people resorted to using animals such as horses, camels, and donkeys. All these were rather stressful and cumbersome. Today, however, it is another story altogether.

The advent of technology, as well as innovations, have made that a thing told in folklores. For you to ship your goods to any location in the world today, there are a lot of easy means at your disposal. Road transportation, however, is the commonest as well as the most affordable for most people of the world.

We rather take for granted the ease with which we move about today but a lot of credit should be given to those who had to wrack their brains to invent the comfort we enjoy today.

You need to imagine what it would have looked like if you have to use a cart to pull your load from San Francisco to New York, a driving distance of 2,906 miles. That would have been one sure hell of a trip to embark upon.

To effect a movement today, all you need is to hop into a car and before you can say, Jack Robinson, you are where you want to have your bulk, just like that.

On American roads today, we have millions of cars and other vehicles and it should be a source of wonder as to how these cars got to the roads. Records from statistics on car insurance in the United States show that some 263.6 million vehicles were registered in 2015.

While some of these cars were produced in different parts of the United States others were shipped in from different countries of the world.

The question here then is, who are those responsible for these shipments and how do they go about the whole stuff?

Car shipping is handled by auto shipping industries and that is a whole ball game and a very interesting one altogether.

In the auto shipping industry, you have two sections. They are the auto shippers and the auto shipping brokers. These two handle your car shipping business.

For all it takes, the truth must be told. The business of car shipping is not what you just wake up and jump into. There are some rudiments involved. You need to take into consideration where the car is coming from, is it from within or outside the country?

These are important pointers as to how long you may need to wait before actually possessing your car. You may have to wait for up to a month if it is an in-country shipping and at least two months for an out-country shipping before taking delivery of your car.

Another point you need to work on is how you will take the delivery. Some auto shipping industries only do the terminal to terminal car shipping, while others embark on a door to door services. You need to ascertain which service you are paying for in order not to be short changed.

The basic difference is that if you are doing the terminal to terminal shipment, you will still need to get somebody to tow your car down to your door at an extra charge.

You will have to determine if you will be using a covered or uncovered car carrier. While the uncovered carrier will be cheaper, you must contend with the attendant variables in the environment that your car will be susceptible to at the end of the shipment.

This is very important since you may be having the intention of reselling the car, and any dint, scratch, or dent will have very far reaching consequences.

You will be advised to check out the shippers’ license and insurance records of the auto shipping industry you are engaging. Incidentally, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a hotline with which you can reach them for inquiries and complaints.

Your car insurance is another angle you need to work on, and as you are going about that ensure the auto shipping company that is shipping your car has a company’s liability insurance coverage. This should range between $50,000 to $100,000.

Make sure you get everything agreed upon in writing, this will save a lot of possible hassles later on.

An alternative means to using an auto shipping company, is to get a driver to haul your car down but the truth here is that apart from the mileage you will be amassing, you should be very ready to cough out a lot of dough since this will take a serious dip in your wallet.