This year has seen releases for many new smartphones with the market leaders Apple and Samsung being compared time and time again — except in one respect. Many tend to overlook the significance of mobile gaming and how compatible all these devices are for such things. After all, people use their phone for recreation as well as work, perhaps more for the former than the latter.

How well will all these models stack up to mobile gaming in 2018? Next year is a lot closer than you think, so if you’re in the market of getting a new phone soon, perhaps now is the time to do some research. Who knows? You might even find a new one under your Christmas tree. That’s our last mention of Christmas in this article, we promise!

Samsung Galaxy S8

Let’s start with what could arguably be the market leader right now — the Samsung S8. Cheaper than the iPhone 7 and (again, arguably) better, the 5.8-inch AMOLED display and curved edges are perhaps its biggest defining feature. There’s plenty of finger room for you to interact with a wide variety of online games. At a somewhat hefty price tag of around £550-£689, it’s worth the money and although it will be soon succeeded by the S9, it’s a strong contender for next year for sure.

There aren’t many downsides with the S8 but the most obvious one has to be its greatest asset. Its large screen makes it more vulnerable to damage and creates further costs in getting it fixed. This can be easily remedied in purchasing the right protective case to prevent a major budget shock if any accidental drops were to happen. Then again, that’s another cost and cases aren’t precisely cheap either. Still, at least the S8’s battery life lasts quite a while and the design is fresh and unique. It will certainly add to your gaming experience by far.

iPhone 8

The soon-to-be-usurped iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 8 will become the very latest Apple product to ace the shelves. For online gaming, it shares many of the advantages as the S8. It has a big screen, is sleek and quick performance-wise. Although, at 5.5 inches, the iPhone 8’s diamond-fronted screen is a tad smaller. Other than that, it’s hard to distinguish it between the iPhone 7 other than a better camera and slightly longer battery life.  Oh, and still no headphone jack.

The hefty price tag is probably what’ll put most people off, unless you’re an Apple loyalist or just have lots and lots of spare cash lying around. At a whopping £699 minimum price for the 64GB version, it’s mostly likely going to be paid for using price plans. Then again, when it comes to Apple products, that’s nothing new. If you want more room, i.e. 256 GB worth of digital storage space, it’s a couple hundred more at £849. Better start saving now.

iPhone X

Pronounced ‘iPhone 10’ (which we’re pretty sure nobody is going to pronounce it as), this model has an even bigger surface area than the iPhone 8, with Apple incorporating the top screen between the front camera and speaker. This may not make much of a difference while gaming, but it certainly looks pretty swish. With a bigger screen, however, comes a bigger price tag – almost a £1,000 to be precise. Good thing this device is compatible with pay by phone casinos, maybe that way you could get some of the money back!

Very similar to the iPhone 8 in nearly every way, this ten-year-anniversary edition of the iPhone celebrates this landmark by ditching the home button, which is the most indefinable feature of the device… Seems like an odd decision to make. Oh well… At least you can charge without a cable now and playing games on the iPhone X should be an absolute breeze.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Be prepared to have 1,000 fps on your screen as the Galaxy S9 delivers just that upon its release sometime in February next year. From the sneak preview, we can see that the S9’s screen itself will occupy a lot more space than its predecessor, giving plenty more room for players to use their hands. This, of course, means it comes with a larger price tag and a bigger phone itself, meaning you’d again have to shell out quite a bit of money.

From the same previews, it’s clear that the S9 might not have curved edges like the S8. Does this mean Samsung are abandoning the concept forever? We doubt it, but it’s nice to see that they are not relying on this gimmick to get them by. Like the iPhone X, you can expect to enjoy a screen that encompasses outward features such as the speaker and front camera. If this is your schtick, then you’ll definitely think the £639 price tag is worth it.