Changing the office is an integral part in the functioning of any enterprise. It is often associated with an increase in the company’s staff or a search for a more suitable location. As a general rule, office moving is long-awaited and joyous news. However, the procedure of office equipment transfer is not so easy and joyful as it may seem at first glance. In this post, we will guide you on how to arrange the process in a smart way.

What to Start With?

When it comes to the transfer of office goods, furniture and appliances to a new place, management does not think about all the nuances of the moving process. Instead, they instruct subordinates or order moving services from efficient movers. The second option is a better decision in terms of time saving and financial costs planning. Turning to a mover, the firm will be able to organize fast and accurate transportation of any office furniture and equipment. However, before ordering a moving service from a website topqualitymoving, your designated manager should consider several points:

  • Determine the time and date for the office move.
  • Decide on the sequence of the transportation (for a specific unit/ department) and make a special chart.
  • Inform all the company staff about the relocation of the office.
  • Create a list of property to be transported.
  • Think about the location of the departments in the new office and create a layout of furniture.
  • Provide the necessity of rigging, if there are heavy and non-standard equipment, safes and more.
  • Ensure that there are free parking spaces in front of the building at the time of loading and unloading cargo.

Expert Recommendations

Of course, a mover’s team will neatly and qualitatively perform furniture disassembly, items packing, and transport. What is more, they can help and accelerate the process of moving, taking care of the preparations for moving in advance:

  • It is desirable for the personnel of the organization to independently prepare and pack their personal belongings;
  • Be sure to remove light engineering: fixtures, ceiling lights, chandeliers, etc.;
  • Check that the office equipment is disconnected from the network.

When signing a contract with a mover, it is necessary to specify all the intricacies and wishes for the transfer of office furniture and equipment. Ensure that there is someone in a new office by the time of the moving company’s arrival. A transport company that organizes an office transfer is able to make a move in a short time. The order can be performed in a few hours after it has been received by the system. However, the proper preparation for the relocation will make it more accurate and save your time.

Unfortunately, no one is impervious to the emergence of unforeseen situations. But experienced loaders and drivers will be able to timely and competently respond to the situation and will make your office relocation 100% safe and damage-free.