EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free data recovery software that enables individual to retrieve lost or deleted files. There are instances that you accidentally delete files and information from devices such as your laptop and tablet that you actually need. Other than accidentally deleting files, your device may suffer from a system crash or hard drive malfunction which in turn loses some files. In this, no matter how careful you try to be, you may still lose important files. This raises the need and importance of identifying a functional and reliable data recovery software.

Recovery of a Variety of files

With Data Recovery Wizard, you have no need to panic and frustrate yourself. You can recover your files be it a document, audio, video, emails, images, or any folder. Its versatility makes it your one stop software thus making it reliable as well as efficient.

In this, you will not need to own several data recovery software for different file recovery. This makes it appealing and a simple package for right about everyone even for those with little expertise on information technology.

Device Compatibility

A key added advantage of this free data recovery software, is its compatibility to several devices. This includes internal hard drives, external hard drive, solid state drives, memory cards, USB drives, SD cards, smartphones, tablets, digital camera, as well as music players. In this, hard drive recovery has been made easier. Anything you can connect to your laptop to access its storage from a computer can function easily with this software. However, it is important to note that it is only compatible with Windows and Mac operating system devices.

Ease of Use

This free data recovery software is easy to use and it comes with a simple guide to help you to recover your files safely even for first timers.

The installation process is also easy and it will guide you through the entire recovery process. Unlike other recovery software, it provides access to a step by step wizard based interface.

The very first step is to choose the source storage partition. It will then display a list of found files in the partition you selected.  Secondly, you can select the files you are looking to recover.

It has built an outstanding reputation in the market with its users thus guaranteeing its service delivery. It is ideal in an emergency situation, as it does not take long to download it or use even for large files. While many think that a free version of any software comes with complications and restrictions, this free version delivers as expected and as promised.

Bottom line, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is efficient and effective at recovering both lost and deleted files. It is an easy to use program that will meet the recovery of files such as documents, audio, images, videos, and even mail. Gone are the days when all hope was lost in the event you lost information or deleted it accidentally. It is an ideal solution to information and hard drive recovery.