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5 Scholarships Just for Medical Students

The cost of continuing education is constantly increasing, but scholarships offer free money to help pay for your education. If you are a medical student, check out these five scholarships to find the ones for which you qualify. Physicians of Tomorrow Awards The Physicians of Tomorrow Awards started in 2004, and they are given by the American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation. There is a total of four scholarships, each worth $10,000, which are awarded to 8 to 12 winners. Eligibility requirements for some of the scholarships include: Academic excellence Financial need Current Oklahoma medical students (Physicians of Tomorrow Award supported by the Dr. Lin and Minta Hill Alexander Fund) Enrollment at specific Chicago medical schools (Physicians of Tomorrow Award for Chicago-area students) AMWA Medical Education Scholarship The AMWA Medical Education Scholarship is funded by the American Medical Women’s Association. The association’s goal is to help more women become interested in all aspects of medicine. Four winners are selected and each given a $1,000 scholarship. Eligibility requirements include: Female Currently enrolled in a medical school Member of AMWA Embody the goals of AMWA Kaiser Permanente Scholarship Program The Kaiser Permanente Scholarship Program rewards six students who are committed to their medical education. Scholarships are worth $5,000 each. Qualifications include: Third-year medical students who are expected to graduate spring of the following year Good academic standing Must show interest in at least one...

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Water Usage Survey Exposes How We Waste Water And What To Do About It

Online Pump Supplies recently published a survey dissecting the bad water wasting habits of UK residents. From a sample size of 1,000, it was found that 35% of people still leave their taps running while brushing their teeth – wasting approximately £70.81 every year – and that 20% have at least one dripping tap in their home, wasting 1,095 litres of water per annum. As this poor water management has fiscal ramifications (as well as environmental ones), are you losing money through these common ways homeowners waste water? Long, Luxurious Showers  The average shower time is 9 minutes long, costing you £254.92 a year, if you use it every day. That’s already quite a considerable amount of money, when you think that a shower is just one appliance in your home. Each minute you reduce in the shower, saves you a lot of money in the long run.  Half-Full Laundry And Dishwasher Loads  If you don’t fill up your washing machine or dishwasher, you’re effectively getting less done for a higher price. Get the most out of your drum by filling it up properly and make sure that you use the 30 degree setting, to save more energy.  Ignoring Your Shower Head  When it comes to saving water in the shower, you can cut down your time to the recommended 3 minutes, but that won’t scratch the surface if...

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