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Critiquing Christians: The Lord’s Prayer

Critiquing Christians: the Lord’s Prayer, a Founders Warning The Lord’s Prayer is one of the most recited and well known prayers worldwide. Yet, it is probably the least understood. We speak it so freely and frequently in Western society, but do we understand its historical message. As a child, I memorized the prayer, but not until college did I ask for its meaning. What is the “kingdom” all about? Is “hallowed” no more than a vague feeling cosmic importance? It was this prayer that led me to question the Gospel’s demands. Was the Gospel simply a call for private moral forgiveness of the soul by God, which plays outs as a numbers game of winners and losers, of heaven or hell, a Monty Python stereotype of religion? This was hardly a satisfactory answer. Even a causal reading of the Gospel writings tells a broader story. What does the Lord’s Prayer teach in its historical, grammatical and literal setting? A Prescription for Evil The prayer was Christ’s instructions on how to pray. For the writer Matthew, he places it after Christ’s teaching of Gospel in the Gospel’s most concentrate form, the Sermon on the Mount, in contrast on how not to pray. Luke puts it later in his writings as a direct response to the disciples request on how to pray. Either way, it was a common prayer often repeated...

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Internet, Online, and Web Advertising Review

How to Effectively Promote Online and Optimize Return on Investment. Experience has taught me that online advertising can be both effective and expensive, having been a Search Marketing VP. However, from these experiences, here’s what I learned. Effective web marketing (results) is never guaranteed, but I can guarantee that it’s always expensive.

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