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Worst 5 Days For Rates Since The Election

Mortgage rates continue rising at an uncomfortable pace for anyone in the market to buy or refinance.  Today was the 5th straight day of quicker-than-average movement higher and it leaves the average lender at the highest levels in nearly 2 months.   Whether or not this is as dramatic as it sounds depends on your perspective.  While it’s true that the past 5 days have been the worst since the US presidential election, it’s also true that interest rates are just over an eighth of a point higher during that time.  An eighth of a point (.125%) will cost you about 14 bucks a month on a $200k loan.  Alternatively, it would cost you $1200-$1600 in cash to get the rate back down to levels from 5 days ago on the same loan amount.   For years, lenders have capitalized on the psychology of “monthly payments.”  $14/mo doesn’t sound like too much when it comes to a $200k home loan.  But consider going out of town for a week and coming back to find your closing costs roughly $1400 higher simply to keep the same quote you had last week.  For most, the $1400 upfront cost is the more effective way to communicate the true change in cost. Bond markets and mortgage lenders will be closed tomorrow for the Independence Day Holiday.  The safest strategy is to assume the current...

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Worst Week For Mortgage Rates Since March

Mortgage rates moved higher for a 4th straight day to end the month of June.  In terms of upward movement, this has been the worst week for mortgage rates since early March, 2017.  Most borrowers are now seeing rates that are a full eighth of a point higher than Monday morning’s levels.  While that’s not even remotely close to the damage done during election week last year, an eighth of a point in 4 days is definitely on the abrupt side of historical averages. Whereas 3.875% had been widely available on Monday morning, the most prevalently-quoted conventional 30yr fixed rate is now up to 4.0% for top tier scenarios, and 4.125% is rapidly gaining market share.   Whereas the lock/float outlook had been calm and steady heading into this week, it quickly turned defensive as losses mounted.  There are multiple justifications for the weakness ranging from European Central Bank “taper talk” to an overabundance of trading positions in favor of lower rates earlier in the week (which makes rates susceptible to the sort of correction we’re seeing now).  Assume rates can continue higher until we see a definitive ceiling take shape.  The earliest that could happen would be the end of next week.  The last corrective uptrend in rates lasted 3.5 weeks.   Today’s Most Prevalent Rates 30YR FIXED – 4.00-4.125% FHA/VA – 3.75%  15 YEAR FIXED – 3.25-3.375% 5...

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