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‘I worry about money most of the time’

By Judith Burns BBC News 29 September 2017 From the section Family & Education Image copyright YWT Image caption Pippa, now 21, with baby Violet Pippa has plenty to feel anxious about. Four years ago, aged 17 and having mental health issues, she dropped out of sixth form. By the age of 19, she was pregnant, single and homeless. After months of sofa-surfing and hostels, the council found her a flat which she moved into three weeks after her baby was born. “I am so grateful for all the support I have had,” she says. She got a job in a local cafe – but the wages were so low, she decided to return to education. Pippa and baby Violet, 18 months, have now moved to another city, where she has just started an access to higher education course. She hopes to study law at university. “I want to finish my education to get a job to support me and my child, but I worry about affording to survive while I do it,” she says. She has found a housing association flat and gets by on a mixture of benefits and grants. She had a few savings, but these were eaten up by the move. “I also lost a lot of the support network I had.” she says. “I worry about money almost all the time.” Pippa’s case is...

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Social media terms ‘jargon-busted’ for teens

Social media terms ‘jargon-busted’ for teens By Alli Shultes Technology reporter 29 September 2017 From the section Technology Image copyright Reuters Image caption Instagram raised concerns over the simplified terms and conditions A set of jargon-busting guides that teach children about their rights on social media sites has been published. Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield said Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and YouTube had “not done enough” to clarify their policies. She simplified the websites’ terms and conditions with privacy law firm Schillings. But Instagram said the simplified version of its terms contained “a number of inaccuracies”. The slimmed-down guides are...

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Adoptions fall despite more children taken into care

Adoptions fall despite more children taken into care 28 September 2017 From the section England Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Councils had been told to put children up for adoption only when there was no alternative The number of looked after children adopted in England has fallen for the second year in a row, despite a rise in the number in care. There were 72,670 children in care as of March 2017, 2,220 more than the year before. In the same year, 4,350 children were adopted from care, down from 5,460 two years earlier. Charity Adoption UK said...

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