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Newport woman 'died from untreated pill side effects'

A woman died from the untreated side effects of the combined contraceptive pill, a coroner has concluded. Charlotte Foster, 23, of Newport, Shropshire, who died from a blood clot, had reported breathing difficulties and leg pain to her GP, an … Continue reading

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Exercises you can do at your desk to counter sedentary job

An hour’s “brisk exercise” each day offsets the risks of early death linked to a desk-bound working life, scientists suggest. The analysis of data from more than a million people is part of a study of physical activity published in … Continue reading

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Stepping Hill Hospital cuts jobs as it loses £75 a minute

A hospital that is losing £75 a minute is to close a ward and axe 350 full-time posts, its trust has revealed. Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport has a deficit of more than £40m and staff have been told the … Continue reading

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Drug 'may slow' Alzheimer's brain death

A drug appears to slow the brain’s death and preserve mental function in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, a study shows. Developing such a treatment is one of the biggest challenges in medicine. But serious scientific questions remain as the drug … Continue reading

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Later menopause 'may increase diabetes risk'

A late menopause increases a woman’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a study suggests. US researchers looked at 124,000 women, and found a higher risk for those undergoing the menopause after the age of 55 – the average is … Continue reading

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Bedroom battleground

In our series of letters from African journalists, Ghanaian writer Elizabeth Ohene considers a dilemma over possible malaria prevention. About the most exciting news story I have heard in recent times is the report that the scent of chicken keeps … Continue reading

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How have Dolly the Sheep's 'siblings' fared?

The prospect of using cloning to treat humans has been boosted by new evidence that suggests it can be used safely in animals. Scientists had been worried that cloning could make animals age prematurely, after Dolly the Sheep, the first … Continue reading

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Binging on TV for hours 'could kill'

Watching too much TV can kill you, according to a new study. Japanese scientists say that watching TV for hours can raise the risk of dying from a blood clot in the lungs. Researchers studied the viewing habits of 86,000 … Continue reading

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Stem cell match for 'one in nine million' toddler Joey Ziadi

A toddler with a “one in almost nine million” blood disorder has found a matching stem cell donor after a two-year search. Two-year-old Joey Ziadi was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anaemia when he was six months old – one of … Continue reading

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Saved premature baby Sophie Proud returns to ward as student nurse

Born at just 24 weeks, Sophie Proud was for a long time Britain’s youngest surviving premature baby. Now the Teesside University student from County Durham has started a student placement – as a nurse – at that very same baby … Continue reading

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