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Trump faces a ‘victory problem’ in Afghanistan

President Trump, due to unveil his new strategy for fighting the war in Afghanistan, faces what some aides are calling a “victory problem” — how to define success in America’s longest war and sell the war-weary U.S. public on the possibility of sending a few thousand more troops into the nearly 16-year-old conflict. In recent days, White House officials have declined to say whether the new approach will roll out by mid-July — in keeping with a timetable Defense Secretary Jim Mattis laid out weeks ago. “We have a ‘victory problem,’” a senior administration official recently told Yahoo News, speaking on condition of anonymity to describe internal debates. Read More At Article Source | Article...

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In debate over political speech, pastors say they fear the IRS ‘pulpit police’

As Washington struggles to come up with a new health care insurance system, Jim Garlow believes he has a solution, but he worries about sharing it publicly — simply because he is a pastor. Garlow, lead pastor of Skyline Church in La Mesa, Calif., blames a provision in the federal tax code known as the Johnson Amendment for what he calls the “self-censorship” of pastors across the nation. It forbids 501(c)(3) nonprofits, a category that includes most of the nation’s churches and other charitable organizations, from getting directly involved in elections. Read More At Article Source | Article...

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