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A North Korean Defector's Dramatic Dash Across the Border Was Captured on Video

(SEOUL, South Korea) — A North Korean soldier races for the border in a jeep and then on foot before his former comrades shoot him at least five times as he limps into South Korea, where he collapses and is dragged to safety by southern soldiers on a dramatic video released by the U.S.-led U.N. command Wednesday. The defection, subsequent surgeries and slow recovery of the soldier have riveted South Korea, but it will be a huge embarrassment for the North, which claims all defections are the result of rival Seoul kidnapping or enticing North Koreans to defect. Pyongyang has said nothing about the defection so far. North Korea’s actions during the defector’s Nov. 13 escape at Panmunjom violated the armistice agreement ending...

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President Trump and Vladimir Putin Just Had an Hour-Long Phone Call

Iran and Ukraine were also on the agenda More (WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin discussed efforts to bring peace to war-torn Syria during an hour-plus phone call on Tuesday. Iran, North Korea and Ukraine also were on the agenda, the White House said. Trump called it a “great call” Tuesday afternoon as he left the White House to spend Thanksgiving in Florida. Noting the length, he said he and Putin spoke “very strongly about bringing peace to Syria” and “very strongly about North Korea.” Trump’s phone call with the Russian president came a day after...

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U.S. Military Investigation Finds More Remains in Niger

The Pentagon revealed Tuesday that military investigators made a grisly discovery this month when they stumbled upon additional human remains of a U.S. soldier killed during the Oct. 4 ambush in Niger. Investigators with the FBI and U.S. military were dispatched to Niger to determine what happened and answer questions about whether the forces had adequate intelligence, equipment, and took proper security precautions. The team visited the site of the attack on Nov. 12 and interviewed local villagers as well as retraced actions leading up to, during and after the ambush. It was then they found “additional human remains,” according to the Pentagon Pentagon spokeswoman Dana W. White said in a statement that the Armed Forces Medical Examiner has positively identified these remains...

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