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Lockheed Martin Is Building a Prototype Moon Habitat From Old Space Shuttle Parts

Photo credit: Lockheed Martin More From Popular Mechanics Fifty years ago humans walked on the moon. Twenty years ago humans started living in orbit for months at a time. Where will we go next? For NASA, one of the most promising proposals is to build a space habitat for astronauts that will orbit the moon. To help NASA achieve such a complicated endeavor, Lockheed Martin, one of the contractors for the habitat, is building a full-scale prototype out of an old cargo container designed to fly on the Space Shuttle. An orbiting moon station has a number of unique...

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Don't Believe the Spin: Fidget Spinners Have No Proven Benefits

Fidget spinners may be fun toys, but there is no science behind claims that they help kids with attention and focus, according to a new review article. The review, which was published July 7 in the journal Current Opinion in Pediatrics, found that no research had specifically focused on the impact of these hot new toys on thinking, attention or recall. Furthermore, there are zero peer-reviwed studies on any aspect of fidget spinners, the researchers...

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