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I am a real human and I support Mark Zuckerberg for Human President of Earth's United States of America

Hello I support Normal Human Man Mark Zuckerberg to be Human President.  Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the popular Faced Book is my choice, and the right choice, to be Human President of this great sub-realm of Earth, known handsomely as the United States and America. SEE ALSO: I’m your most oblivious Facebook friend and life is just so good right now, huh? Hello I humanly choose to ignore rumors about Mark Zuckerberg being some sort of alien, whose status on Earth and imminent campaign are a strategic ploy by some sort of extra-terrestrial race, say like some Jupiter-dwelling species called the Zorlocks, a polymorphous species that can take any shape at will, to take over your planet of Earth from the inside.  That is...

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Giant Underwater Sinkhole Discovered in the Great Barrier Reef

A marine biologist claims to have discovered a huge underwater sinkhole—or blue hole—in the Great Barrier Reef. Johnny Gaskell noticed the lagoon using Google and decided to explore the region more closely. “After spotting this deep blue hole on google maps we decided to head far offshore, out further than our normal Reef trips to see what dwelled within,” he...

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Elon Musk proposes super-fast rocket travel between cities

Elon Musk proposes super-fast rocket travel between cities More Elon Musk took to the stage at the International Astronautical Congress in Australia on Thursday night to further his push for travel to — and colonization of — Mars. But it was a rocket that won’t leave Earth’s orbit which grabbed much of the attention. Musk, and his company SpaceX, finished his presentation with a plan to develop rocket travel between any city on Earth. The rocket, nicknamed BFR for Big F—– Rocket, will be capable of taking passengers between any two cities in less than an hour. It touts...

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