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Trump's EPA enlists controversial think tank to find climate 'experts' to argue with mainstream scientists

Ever since Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt and other Trump administration officials raised the idea of putting climate science up for debate, it’s been an open question as to where the participants who doubt mainstream climate science would come from.  Now that is becoming clearer, and the answer is sure to further convince many that this entire exercise is a set up to discredit some of the most basic, rigorously studied climate science conclusions.  SEE ALSO: EPA chief wants his useless climate change ‘debate’ televised, and I need a drink The Washington Examiner reported on Monday that the EPA has reached out to the controversial Heartland Institute for help in casting the so-called “red team” that would try to poke holes in...

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Lockheed Martin Is Building a Prototype Moon Habitat From Old Space Shuttle Parts

Photo credit: Lockheed Martin More From Popular Mechanics Fifty years ago humans walked on the moon. Twenty years ago humans started living in orbit for months at a time. Where will we go next? For NASA, one of the most promising proposals is to build a space habitat for astronauts that will orbit the moon. To help NASA achieve such a complicated endeavor, Lockheed Martin, one of the contractors for the habitat, is building a full-scale prototype out of an old cargo container designed to fly on the Space Shuttle. An orbiting moon station has a number of unique...

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