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Don't Believe the Spin: Fidget Spinners Have No Proven Benefits

Fidget spinners may be fun toys, but there is no science behind claims that they help kids with attention and focus, according to a new review article. The review, which was published July 7 in the journal Current Opinion in Pediatrics, found that no research had specifically focused on the impact of these hot new toys on thinking, attention or recall. Furthermore, there are zero peer-reviwed studies on any aspect of fidget spinners, the researchers...

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Sour Note: In Ancient Rome, Lemons Were Only for the Rich

Lemons were the acai bowls of the ancient Romans — prized by the privileged because they were rare, and treasured for their healing powers. In fact, this coveted fruit, as well as the citron, were the only citrus fruits known in the ancient Mediterranean — it took centuries for other fruits, such as oranges, limes and pomelos to spread westward from their native Southeast Asia, a new study finds. However, the citrus fruits that followed in later years weren’t as exclusive as lemons and citrons, said the study’s lead researcher, Dafna Langgut, an archaeobotanist at Tel Aviv University in Israel....

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Surreal, Right? Why Dalí's Preserved Mustache Isn't Weird

The strange story of Salvador Dalí’s exhumation got even stranger last week, as forensic examiners announced that the famous artist’s mustache is still intact, 28 years after his death. Dalí’s embalmer called the discovery of the mustache “a miracle,” according to The New York Times. The Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, even sells shirts and socks emblazoned with the iconic facial...

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