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Justin Britt: Shared anthem moment was to support Michael Bennett

SEATTLE — Michael Bennett once again sat during the national anthem before the Seattle Seahawks preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings?on Friday. But this time, he had company with Justin Britt standing next to him. Britt put his arm on Bennett’s left shoulder during the anthem. Afterward, the teammates embraced. “I want to support him,” Britt said after the Seahawks’ 20-13 win. “I want to support what he stands for and his beliefs. I’m not foolish. I’m from Missouri. I get that things are different in that area than they are in some other areas. I’m not against what the flag means and veterans. My dad was in the Army. So I’m not putting any disrespect to them. I’m just trying to understand the issues, trying to educate myself more in that regard and showing support. “And I’m going to continue to understand what’s going on in the world and why it’s happening. Because none of it’s right. None of it’s what should...

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Marlins win 6th of 7, 3-1 over Mets

J.T. Realmuto hit an early two-run homer as the Miami Marlins notched their sixth win in seven games, downing the Mets 3-1 in their series opener to move within two games of .500 for the first time since May 3         Read More At Article Source | Article...

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