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Browns’ Josh Gordon admits use of drugs or alcohol ‘before every game’

BEREA, Ohio — Josh Gordon used drugs or alcohol before every NFL game he played, Gordon told the magazine GQ in an interview released Monday. The Browns?wide receiver told GQ that he made taking some substance “a ritual … before every game.” “We would stay at the team hotel, and then players are allowed to go back home, get what they need and then go to the game,” Gordon said. “So I’d leave the hotel early morning, go home, eat breakfast, do my little ritual, whatever it may be, some weed, some alcohol and then go to the game. And then, I’d definitely be partying after every game, win or lose. Every game.” Gordon said he started taking drugs in seventh grade, continued through college and even did something before every game he played in 2013, when he led the league in receiving yards while playing 14 games. “When I got to the league, I think they had their doubts from the very beginning,” Gordon said. “From the day...

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UFC president Dana White interested in promoting boxing matches

UFC president Dana White, who helped build the mixed martial arts promotional company into a multibillion-dollar business, plans to begin promoting boxing as well. A lifelong boxing fan, White appeared with Hall of Fame boxing trainer Freddie Roach at a speaking engagement at the trainer’s Wild Card West boxing club in Santa Monica, California, on Tuesday night and told the gathering that he is “getting into boxing, 100 percent.” He also said that he is in the process of getting a promoter’s license, according to the Los Angeles Times. White convinced friend and casino magnate Lorenzo Fertitta to buy the struggling UFC for $2 million in 2001, and last year he sold the company to Beverly Hills talent agency WME/IMG for $4.025 billion. As part of the deal, White, who owned a percentage of UFC and made around $400 million on the sale, agreed to remain with the company for at least five years. So he’s not planning to leave UFC, but rather wants to...

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