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The Community Zuck Longs to Build Remains a Distant Dream

On February 16, Mark Zuckerberg published “Building Global Community,” a 6,000-word open letter directly addressed to Facebook’s users. “To our community,” Zuckerberg begins. “On our journey to connect the world, we often discuss products we’re building and updates on our business. Today … Continue reading

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The GIF Turns 30: How an Ancient Format Changed the Internet

The web’s favorite file format just turned 30. Yep, it turns out the GIF is a millennial, too. At the same time, 30 makes the GIF ancient in web years, which feels a bit weird, given that the proliferation of … Continue reading

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Meet the Nerds Coding Their Way Through the Afghanistan War

A disembodied voice sounded over a loudspeaker. “Incoming. Take cover,” it warned to anyone within earshot. Then, the sirens began to wail. Erin Delaney assumed it was a drill. She peeked down the hallway to see how other people were … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Has Come Roaring Back—But So Have the Risks

The bitcoin boom is back. This week, the digital currency leapt to record heights, peaking at nearly $2,800 before tumbling back down to around $2,400—by far the most dramatic run in its history. While bitcoin didn’t maintain its record price … Continue reading

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AlphaGo’s Designers Explore New AI After Winning Big in China

After winning its three-game match against Chinese grandmaster Ke Jie, the world’s top Go player, AlphaGo, is retiring. Demis Hassabis, whose Google-owned artificial intelligence lab DeepMind built this historic machine, tells WIRED he will now move AlphaGo’s designers on to … Continue reading

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Google’s AlphaGo Trounces Humans—But It Also Gives Them a Boost

The day Thore Graepel joined Google’s DeepMind artificial intelligence lab in the spring of 2015, his new colleagues sat him down for a game of Go. Over the previous year, they’d trained a neural network to play the ancient game. … Continue reading

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This Entrepreneur A/B Tested Her Clothes to Combat Sexism

Kathryn Minshew is a female co­founder and CEO of The Muse, a popular online job search destination for millennials. She doesn’t have a technical degree, although she was a top computer science student who aced the advanced placement exam for … Continue reading

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Mark Zuckerberg Should Really Listen to Himself

Twelve years after dropping out of Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg returned to campus—a few years older, a few commas richer—and delivered a commencement speech that expressed a radically different vision of his purpose in life from the one he spelled out in instant messages … Continue reading

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The WanaCrypt0r 2.0:  The Massive Ransomware That Shook the Tech World in 2017

The tech world has a lot of achievements so far, and every industry is enjoying the benefits that come with it. While this is good news, there is a big problem in cases when technology fails to function. This is … Continue reading

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No Matter What Washington Does, One Nonprofit Is Closing the Digital Divide

In Talihina, Oklahoma, smack dab in the middle of Choctaw Nation, there is a hospital parking lot that, for years, has lit up with activity every night. It’s not doctors or patients rushing to this plot of pavement but students … Continue reading

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