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Google Unleashes AlphaGo in China—But Good Luck Watching It There

When AlphaGo topped the grandmaster Lee Sedol last year in Seoul, South Korea, becoming the first machine to beat a professional at the ancient game of Go, it grabbed the attention of the entire country—and beyond. This surprisingly powerful machine, … Continue reading

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Zuckerberg-Backed Data Trove Exposes the Injustices of Criminal Justice

Amy Bach was researching her book about the US court system when she met a woman named Sharon in Quitman County, Mississippi. One July day in 2001, Sharon said, her boyfriend took her under a bridge and beat her senseless … Continue reading

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Can the American Heartland Remake Itself in the Image of Silicon Valley? One Startup Finds Out

Ross Diedrich had gone pale and raw-boned. The CEO of a year-old startup in Denver, he’d stay at his office until the middle of the night, go home and sleep for about five hours, then chug a spinach smoothie and … Continue reading

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An Improved AlphaGo Wins Its First Game Against the World’s Top Go Player

WUZHEN, CHINA — In the first game of his match with AlphaGo—the Go-playing machine built by researchers at Google’s DeepMind lab—Chinese grandmaster Ke Jie opened with a move lifted straight from the playbook of his artificially intelligent opponent. He aimed … Continue reading

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AlphaGo Is Back to Battle Mere Humans—and It’s Smarter Than Ever

A computer wasn’t supposed to be able to beat a grandmaster at the ancient game of Go for at least another decade. But AlphaGo, an artificially intelligent system designed by Google-owned DeepMind, did just that. In its public debut last … Continue reading

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Monacart.com News Portal Has Unique Concept for the World.

When you see a news blog or breaking news, you can share it as you watch it! The projects are intended to forward the connection without intruding on the spilling of video or stacking of the blog page! What more … Continue reading

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Get Ready for the Next Big Privacy Backlash Against Facebook

Data mining is such a prosaic part of our online lives that it’s hard to sustain consumer interest in it, much less outrage. The modern condition means constantly clicking against our better judgement. We go to bed anxious about the … Continue reading

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The Pot Startups Prepping for Jeff Sessions’ New War on Drugs

Amid all the chaos and confusion of the Trump administration, one certainty abides: Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not like pot. The former Alabama senator once joked that he thought the Ku Klux Klan was “ok” until he found out … Continue reading

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Want a Better Web? Here’s an Idea: Pay for It

In 2009, David Pakman started “The David Pakman Show” on YouTube to talk progressive politics. Over the years, his audience grew, as did his earnings. Today he has about 365,000 followers who watch enough ads to fund his show. At … Continue reading

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Google Puts AI in Your Phone So You Can … Copy and Paste?

David Burke says the next wave of Android smartphones will tackle one of the agonies of modern existence: Copying text from one app and pasting into another. Burke is the Google vice president of engineering who oversees Android. This week, … Continue reading

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