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Suicide attacks kill fasting Yemeni soldiers in Mukalla

A wave of suicide bombings has killed at least 38 Yemeni soldiers in the country’s southeast, just as they were about to break their fast during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, local sources say. Four bombings hit security checkpoints … Continue reading

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What's behind the new deal between Turkey and Israel?

They were once close allies, before relations soured six years ago when an Israeli naval raid killed 10 Turkish activists. Now, after many months of negotiation, a deal has been reached to restore relations between Israel and Turkey. Turkish leaders … Continue reading

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Merkel: No Brexit talks until UK invokes Article 50

European leaders have said there can be no negotiations with Britain on the country’s departure from the European Union until London has formally declared its intention to quit the bloc.   Germany, France and Italy are “united” in the face … Continue reading

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Vietnam Agrees Economic Treaty With South Korea 40 Years On From Wartime Massacres

In December 2015, the Free Trade Agreement between South Korea and Vietnam came into effect. This will strengthen economic ties and increase trade through tariff benefits and investments into Vietnam. It will open up 400,000 job opportunities for the Vietnamese … Continue reading

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Climate determines violence of a nation, scientists say

People who live in places with a varied climate are generally less violent than those who live in consistently hot areas, according scientists who have been trying to explain why violent crime is often higher near the equator. Several studies … Continue reading

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US Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion law

The US Supreme Court has struck down a contentious abortion law in the state of Texas that imposed strict regulations on the procedure that made it harder for women to get an abortion. Access Restricted: Abortion in Texas In the court’s biggest … Continue reading

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Erdogan 'sorry' for downing of Russian jet

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has apologised for the downing of a Russian military jet near the country’s border with Syria, saying there was no deliberate intention in carrying out the attack, a Kremlin spokesman said. Dmitry Peskov told reporters … Continue reading

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Former Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad on ISIL

Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia’s former prime minister, says it is “not surprising” that some “misled Malaysians” are taken in by the rhetoric of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS). On how to combat support … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Who are the Hazaras?

AFGHANISTAN’S HAZARAS The Hazaras are one of Afghanistan’s largest ethnic minorities Until the 1970s, Afghan law barred Hazaras from holding office or any position of national authority The 2004 Afghanistan Constitution granted Hazaras equal rightsSource: Al Jazeera Living primarily in the rugged highlands … Continue reading

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Turkey PM Binali Yildirim: Gaza siege largely lifted

Israel-Turkey reconciliation Israel to pay compensation to families of flotilla victims Turkey to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza Turkey to build hospital, housing project and desalination plant in Gaza All goods to go through Israeli port of Ashdod Turkish Prime … Continue reading

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