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Jeremy Corbyn: Labour on the threshold of power

Jeremy Corbyn: Labour on the threshold of power 26 September 2017 From the section UK Politics Image copyright PA Image caption Mr Corbyn says there is a “good mood” around Labour Jeremy Corbyn is to tell supporters Labour is “on the threshold of power” and stands ready for government. Addressing the party’s conference in Brighton, he will say its general election showing has “put the Tories on notice”, calling on ministers to “pull themselves together or make way”. He will also accuse the Conservatives of “self-interested Brexit bungling”. Aides said new policies would feature in the speech, in which...

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Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive

In a reversal of a longstanding rule, Saudi Arabia has announced that it will now allow women to drive. Saudi women drive to defy ban In a royal decree signed by King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the order said it will be effective immediately but the rollout will take months, Saudi Press Agency reported on Tuesday. A high level committee of ministers has been set up to examine the arrangements for the enforcement of the order. The committee will take up the recommendations within 30 days from the date of the decree, and will be implemented between 23 and 24 of...

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How art can be a force for development in Africa

If Africa is the cradle of civilisation, it is also the birthplace of artistic exploration: this continent produced the rhythms and call-and-response that continue to shape the contemporary music landscape. In the 1970s and 1980s, American musicians turned to Africa as pop and jazz underwent a revival; today, Beyonce pays homage to Yoruba deities in her groundbreaking visual albums. Beyond music, Africa imprints itself on modern art, haute couture, dance, and theatre. But despite the pervasiveness of its influence, Africa’s global share of creative industries remains negligible, contributing less than 1 percent (pdf) to the world’s $624bn trade in creative...

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