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Ten Steps to Save Your Home from Foreclosure

The downhill slide to foreclosure usually starts slowly and then escalates quickly. Wherever you are in the process of fighting for your home, take these steps and work with your lenders to stop you behind on the mortgage snowball from turning into a foreclosure avalanche.

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VIDEO: A look inside the UK’s newest hospital

The UK’s newest hospital opens its doors to patients for the first time later. South Glasgow University Hospital cost £842m to build, but the medical equipment inside has brought the final total closer to £1bn. Eleanor Bradford reports. Article source: … Continue reading

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Pepsi to ditch artificial sweetener

A controversial artificial sweetener is being removed from Diet Pepsi in the US amid consumer concerns about its safety. Aspartame-free cans of the drink will go on sale from August in America, but not in Britain. Regulators in the UK … Continue reading

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Midwife admits baby death ‘mistakes’

Ms Ratcliffe said she had “no intention” of returning to the profession A former midwife at Furness General Hospital has admitted she “made mistakes” which contributed to the deaths of two babies. Marie Ratcliffe, who did not attend the Nursing … Continue reading

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Israel struck Gaza shelters

Israel said Palestinian militants used UN facilities as shields for their “terrorist activities” At least 44 Palestinians were killed by “Israeli actions” while sheltering at seven UN schools during last summer’s war in Gaza, a UN inquiry has found. UN … Continue reading

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Nurse jailed for attacks on patients

A former nurse has been jailed for 18 years for raping and sexually assaulting unconscious women. Andrew Hutchinson, from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, pleaded guilty to rape, sexual assault and voyeurism committed from 2011 to 2013. The 29-year-old filmed himself raping two … Continue reading

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Bank fines to ‘fund apprenticeships’

The pledge will target 22- to 24 year-olds A Conservative government would use fines imposed on Deutsche Bank for its involvement in the rate-fixing scandal to fund 50,000 apprenticeships, David Cameron will announce later. It comes on top of three … Continue reading

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Child obesity may have ‘two phases’

There may be two distinct child obesity epidemics – one among infants and one among adolescents – research suggests. Researchers came to this conclusion after comparing obesity data in the 1980s with that of more than 300 present-day children. They … Continue reading

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China iPhone sales boosts Apple; shares up modestly

(Reuters) – Apple Inc (AAPL.O) beat Wall Street’s revenue and profit forecasts on Monday as it sold more iPhones in China than the United States for the first time, but the company gave no sales figures for its new Apple … Continue reading

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Australia formally advised of imminent Indonesia executions-foreign minister

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said she had received a letter from her Indonesian counterpart late on Monday advising her of the imminent execution of two Australian drug traffickers and offering no hope of a reprieve. The … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Time Warner Cable open to merger talks with Charter

(Reuters) – Time Warner Cable Inc (TWC.N) is open to merger discussions with Charter Communications Inc (CHTR.O) following a failed $45 billion bid by Comcast Corp CMSA.O, according to people familiar with the matter. Friendly negotiations between the two companies … Continue reading

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