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Ten Steps to Save Your Home from Foreclosure

The downhill slide to foreclosure usually starts slowly and then escalates quickly. Wherever you are in the process of fighting for your home, take these steps and work with your lenders to stop you behind on the mortgage snowball from turning into a foreclosure avalanche.

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NHS satisfaction ‘risen significantly’

29 January 2015 Last updated at 00:39 By James Gallagher Health and science reporter, BBC News Public satisfaction with the NHS has “risen significantly”, according to analysis of the influential British Social Attitudes survey. Of nearly 2,000 people surveyed, 65% … Continue reading

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Astra Zeneca drive for genetic drugs

29 January 2015 Last updated at 07:00 By Pallab Ghosh Science correspondent, BBC News Astra Zeneca has announced a research programme to develop a generation of medicines to treat the genetic causes of many debilitating diseases. It will be the … Continue reading

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UK health worker monitored for Ebola

31 January 2015 Last updated at 11:52 The person has been admitted to the Royal Free Hospital in north London A British military healthcare worker has been brought back to the UK from Sierra Leone for Ebola monitoring. The individual … Continue reading

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Williams wins sixth Australian Open

World number one wins in straight sets Williams claims 19th Grand Slam title Unwell American vomited during first set Sharapova loses 16th straight match against Williams Serena Williams beat Maria Sharapova to win her sixth Australian Open and 19th Grand … Continue reading

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Prince’s household ‘like Wolf Hall’

31 January 2015 Last updated at 13:14 Clarence House’s internal rivalries have led to a former staffer calling the Prince of Wales’s base “Wolf Hall”, says a new biography of the prince. The Times reports that the book documents “common … Continue reading

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Victim fund tops £120k in two days

31 January 2015 Last updated at 15:11 Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play. Alan Barnes has been staying with his sister since the attack Donations to a disabled pensioner who was mugged outside his home have topped … Continue reading

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Tasers ‘needed for all police’

31 January 2015 Last updated at 15:34 The Police Federation will vote on the proposal next month All front-line police in England and Wales should be offered Tasers in light of the increased terrorism threat, the head of the Police … Continue reading

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Ukraine, rebels hold fresh peace talks as fighting rages in east

MINSK/KIEV (Reuters) – A new round of peace talks got under way involving Ukraine and separatists on Saturday, even as fighting between Kiev government forces and the Russian-backed rebels raged in Ukraine’s east, claiming civilian and military lives. The main … Continue reading

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Exclusive: GM and China’s SAIC to push into Indonesia with no-frills vans

BEIJING (Reuters) – General Motors (GM.N) and Chinese partner SAIC Motor Corp (600104.SS) will soon announce a joint push into Indonesia, using their no-frills Wuling brand to establish a beachhead in Southeast Asia’s biggest market and from there tackle other … Continue reading

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Egyptian court bans Hamas’ armed wing, lists as terrorist organization

CAIRO (Reuters) – An Egyptian court on Saturday banned the armed wing of the Palestinian group Hamas and listed it as a terrorist organization. The ruling came days after the country faced some of the bloodiest attacks on security forces … Continue reading

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