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School Article Composing

As we all are mindful that it requires a considerable measure of investment and exertion in composing a paper, all in all, why don’t we accomplish something to spare ourselves from this inconvenience? All things considered, in all honesty, you … Continue reading

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Studies Show: Martial Arts Help Children Manage ADHD

Children with ADHD tend to have a harder time getting through day-to-day life than their non-ADHD peers. Those with the condition don’t have an attention deficit, per se. Rather, they have difficulty directing their focus to the appropriate tasks. Boys … Continue reading

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5 Do’s and Don’ts to Online Learning

Indeed, taking up a course online has its perks. You get flexibility, comfort, and some personalization of your educational track. This is something that could be ideal for people whose personal circumstances can’t get into conventional institutional education but still … Continue reading

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How the Internet Has Changed the Way UK Primary Schools Do Fundraising

Primary schools are always looking for innovative new ways to teach kids using technology, from letting them work on things like eBook readers and tablets through to even investing in 3D printers. The benefits of having the latest equipment in … Continue reading

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How can Music Facilitate Education?

There are several researches (conducted from time to time) which have revealed that music lessons impact the learning abilities of children in a major way. Schools having music programs have recorded 93.9% attendance and 90.2% graduation rates when compared to … Continue reading

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Pack Like a Pro: 10 Essential Items Nursing Students Should Carry

Nursing is the largest health care profession in the United States. If you’re interested in a promising career where you can make a real difference, this field offers plenty of potential for employment and growth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics … Continue reading

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Argumentative Essay Topics That Can Lead to a Good Debate

If you have been asked to put together an argumentative essay, perhaps that can be used as a debate in the future, it’s likely that you’ve been bombarded with topic ideas.  Argumentative essays can be fun to write, and they … Continue reading

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Obama Proposes Plan for Free Community College in Response to Rising Tuitions

College tuition rates are going up in the fall. This is a statement students have heard almost every year over the past several decades. According to the 2013 Project on Student Debt report, the average public and non-profit graduate carries … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Strengthen your Argument in an Essay

In academic writing, an argument or claim will usually form the central idea of your essay. This argument should be proposed in your thesis, along with reasoning which suggests why you believe your thesis to be true. In many essays, … Continue reading

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How to save space at classroom with linear motion systems

The linear actuators can be effectively applied in the automation of classrooms to ensure that space is saved in the modern classrooms.  Most of the linear motion systems have been created throughout time to ensure that they enhance the operations … Continue reading

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Education News

Educators, parents and students all have a vested interest in new developments within our education system. Technology has changed how we learn and the global market has increased the demand for professionals with a much higher degree of education than ever before. Rocket News will bring you all the latest developments along with new and emerging trends with all their top educational news stories from phlebotomy certification training to online degrees.

Importance of Education News

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Find out what higher learning institutions require from professionals who want to upgrade their skills by enrolling in online education. Get the latest in education and business news anywhere you are on your wireless or desktop device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Decide which education news stories are important to you and be notified via e-mail when new stories are breaking. Education today is serious business and it’s important to understand where it’s headed and how you can fit into it to better your prospects for the future.