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Why did I Give up My Study in College

When it is time to go for a college, many questions arises. For example, in which college should you go and what should you study. But another thing sometimes you should think about is whether you are studying what you … Continue reading

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Tips To Get Through College Without Debt

Debt after college is something that many students deal with on a regular basis. There are students that come out of college in debt and keep that debt for a decade or more depending on the price of their school. … Continue reading

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Academic Success and Boys

The fact that boys across all academic disciplines are falling behind in school– once only suspected to be occurring in the public school system nationally– is now widespread and well-documented. A great deal of research has been done to determine … Continue reading

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5 Scholarships Just for Medical Students

The cost of continuing education is constantly increasing, but scholarships offer free money to help pay for your education. If you are a medical student, check out these five scholarships to find the ones for which you qualify. Physicians of … Continue reading

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Jet Into The Future With Your Education

Jet into the future with your education For over a century science fiction has been dreaming up new, fantastical worlds and ideas, but many aren’t even close to the truth. Back to the Future: Part II told us we’d have … Continue reading

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Debunking the Myth That Higher Degrees Guarantee a Higher Salary

A growing number of students are returning to school for education beyond a bachelor’s degree, spurred by disappointing salaries, increasingly stringent job requirements, and other factors. The earning potential between people with bachelor’s and master’s degrees can vary by $10,000 … Continue reading

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The tsunami of student debt – Is it being manufactured to justify debt forgiveness?

According to a Google search for student loan debt crisis, 12,100,000 items were returned, majority of them bemoaning the crushing debt of the students of this generation and demanding action to address the problem. Different articles on the burgeoning student … Continue reading

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Giving University Consumers A Choice In Their Degree

Like a tin of well-educated sardines, UK universities are growing crowded with school-leavers pushed into further education from the get-go. And, when married with the trebling of tuition fees over the past four years, it’s transformed into a system increasingly … Continue reading

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U.A.E. Makes Huge Investment in Education and Technology

Meeting at his waterfront palace, he spoke about the U.A.E.’s enormous education spending — which, according to media reports, totals more than one-fifth of the total national budget and which paid for 14,000 iPads for its universities. He also discusses … Continue reading

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Global Education and Skills Conference (GESF) to be Held Annually in the UAE Following the Inaugural Event and Will …

DUBAI, UAE, March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – – Global leaders urged to attend 2014 Forum to address the great crisis of the 21st Century. Speaking on the final day of the inaugural Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai where … Continue reading

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