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The allure of the good-looking runner

Fundraisers who use smiling photos on their giving pages receive more donations, research suggests Marathon season has started and runners – fast and not-so-fast – have begun battling it out in 26-mile races around the world. But another competition is … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The life-saving shipping container

Tuberculosis has been a killer since ancient times. But now a new strain – known as multi-drug resistant TB – is proving to be one of the most serious public health problems of the modern world. Unlike normal TB, it … Continue reading

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Mitochondria editing tried in mice

Researchers have developed a technique to edit out bits of mitochondrial DNA that could otherwise pass on incurable diseases, a study in mice shows. Salk Institute scientists used specifically engineered molecular scissors to snip out mutations in embryos, leaving healthy … Continue reading

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Row over human embryo gene editing

A controversial Chinese study that reveals genes in human embryos have been modified for the first time has sparked fierce debate. The research looked at genetic editing techniques – which in theory can be used to snip out faulty bits … Continue reading

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Miliband warns of ‘two-tier’ NHS

A Conservative government would oversee the “stealth privatisation” of the NHS, Labour leader Ed Miliband has warned. On the campaign trail in Stevenage, Mr Miliband claimed NHS patients would be pushed to the back of longer and longer queues in … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Success in malaria vaccine trials

Final clinical trials of a malaria vaccine – the first to reach this stage – suggest it could help protect millions of children against malaria. But tests on 16,000 children from seven African countries found that booster doses were of … Continue reading

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Cost of agency nurses soars for NHS

The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital faces an overspend on staff pay of £3.8m this year Spending on agency nurses in the South West has soared from about £12m to more than £59m in the last four years, it has … Continue reading

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‘Twin’ tumour found in woman’s head

Doctors in California have removed a tumour they have described as an “embryologic twin” deep inside the brain of a young woman. Yamini Karanam, 26, a PhD student in Indiana, had been experiencing difficulties with drowsiness, reading and concentration. The … Continue reading

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‘Culture war’ of gay conversion therapy

Gay conversion therapy is a fiercely contested topic – advocates claim it’s not harmful but it has been condemned by UK health organisations. Here two men who have undergone treatment outline their opposing views. Modern gay conversion therapy, according to … Continue reading

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Spot the difference

We will give “mental health parity with physical health”. Can you guess which party says this? The Liberal Democrats, who have flown the flag for mental health services? Yes. But these exact words were actually taken from UKIP’s manifesto. Labour’s … Continue reading

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