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More ‘open, safer’ NHS proposed

Final decisions about changes to the health service could be taken out of the hands of politicians under new proposals by the Welsh government. The Green Paper sets out 50 questions aimed at making the NHS safer, better and more … Continue reading

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Dementia support gaps ‘fail patients’

Doctors have raised fresh concerns about the level of support people with dementia and their carers get from the NHS and social services in the UK. And the Royal College of GPs says until the situation improves, doctors will have … Continue reading

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Ageing rates vary widely, says study

A study of people born within a year of each other has uncovered a huge gulf in the speed at which their bodies age. The report, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, tracked traits such as weight, kidney … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Best foot forward for a full life

Clubfoot used to mean a life of unemployment and illiteracy for children born in developing countries – but now effective treatments mean they have a better chance at a full life. The condition means that a child cannot put their … Continue reading

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VIDEO: The science behind the pollen count

This week saw the highest temperature for a July day ever recorded in the UK, but while many enjoyed being outdoors, others were suffering. It’s peak season for pollen at the moment and with an estimated 31 million people suffering … Continue reading

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BBC journalist finds stem-cell donor

Sue Lloyd-Roberts said the donor was a “good match” and she would return to hospital in two weeks Journalist Sue Lloyd-Roberts, who has an aggressive form of leukaemia, has said she has found a stem-cell donor. It comes after a … Continue reading

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VIDEO: NHS ‘should do better’ on survival

The NHS lags behind other countries on preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and improving survival rates, a report has suggested. The review by the Nuffield Trust think tank of 15 wealthy nations found lower cancer survival and higher death rates from … Continue reading

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VIDEO: India fails to publish UN health report

The Indian government is not publishing the results of a vast national survey of the health of the country’s citizens. The last time the nation published comprehensive figures on health was in 2007. The BBC has seen the report, which … Continue reading

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Mass vaccination call for rabies

Greater effort needs to be put into vaccinating dogs against rabies in order to save lives, health experts say. Up to 60,000 people die from the viral infection each year and it is almost always caught from dog bites. The … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Beauty blogger’s disfigurement fight

A beauty blogger who was born with a facial disfigurement is hoping to inspire others to overcome their obstacles. Katie Meehan, 19, from Jarrow, Tyneside, was born with cystic hygroma – which meant she had an enlarged tongue and face. … Continue reading

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