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Georgia partisans feud over voter registration

ATLANTA (AP) — Amid a scramble for political supremacy in rapidly changing Georgia, Democrats and Republicans are pointing fingers over the handling of as many 50,000 voter registration forms as the Nov. 4 election looms. The dispute pits one of … Continue reading

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Obama Admits His Credit Card Got Rejected

Presidents, they’re just like us. Speaking at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington, President Obama today admitted that his credit card was recently rejected. Obama Announces Plan to Tighten Card Security Signs Obama May Ditch His Blackberry for the … Continue reading

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Sweden Expands Hunt for Suspected Russian Sub

View gallery . http://a.abcnews.com/images/International/AP_Sweden_Submarine_mar_141020_16x9_608.jpg MOSCOW – Sweden is widening its search for what may be a distressed Russian submarine in the waters near Stockholm. Authorities today ordered all ships to leave the large cluster of some 30,000 islands where the … Continue reading

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F-16 pilots OK after midair collision over Kansas

Two Oklahoma Air National Guard pilots escaped serious injury Monday after their F-16 jets collided midair near Moline, Kan., during an afternoon training flight. Kansas Highway Patrol officials reported a large swath of wreckage slightly north of the Elk County … Continue reading

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Missouri State Senator arrested by Ferguson police

(Reuters) – A Missouri state senator was arrested on Monday night outside the police department of the embroiled city of Ferguson, authorities said, in another night of protests following the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager in August. … Continue reading

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U.S. Republicans look to gain election ground on Ebola

By Nick Carey CHICAGO (Reuters) – Ebola has moved to the front of campaign issues before U.S. November elections, as fear and criticism of the government’s response to cases of the virus in the United States opened a new line … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Embraces ‘Notorious R.B.G.’ Tees

  View photo . NotoriousRBG/Tumblr Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s rap name is the Notorious R.B.G. At least, that’s what her fans on Tumblr call her. Ginsburg recently praised the Tumblr page and admitted she owns a few Notorious … Continue reading

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Tennessee state senator arrested for 3rd time in 2 months

An outgoing Tennessee state senator is not going away quietly. Jim Summerville, a 66-year-old Republican from Dickson, was arrested twice over the weekend over incidents involving his neighbor, police said. On Friday, police said, Summerville was arrested and charged with … Continue reading

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U.S. Congress examining deal between NSA official, ex-agency chief

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A Senate committee and an outspoken U.S. Congressman are seeking further information about a deal under which a top National Security Agency official is being permitted to work part-time for a private company run by the spy … Continue reading

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Wyoming attorney general says gay marriages can begin on Tuesday

By Dan Whitcomb (Reuters) – Gay marriages can begin in Wyoming on Tuesday after the state files a formal notice that it will not appeal a judge’s order overturning a ban on same-sex matrimony, the state’s attorney general said on … Continue reading

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