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Grand Theft Auto for dogs made by pro basketball player

Watch Dogs 2 is Ubisoft’s next big open-world game for this holiday. People seem curious, but given the lukewarm reception of the first game, they’re skeptical as well. But you know what the most disappointing part of the first Watch Dogs … Continue reading

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I Grew Up Star Wars shows how the Force has affected us over the decades

For nearly four decades, Star Wars has been an international obsession. It is difficult to find someone whose life has not at least partially been affected by something Star Wars-related. Over those many years, a mountain of Star Wars entertainment … Continue reading

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Android N’s official name: Android Nougat

A few weeks ago, Google asked for our help naming Android N. Today, the company officially announced the name they were probably going to use all along. Android N is now Android Nougat. We still don’t know the version number, … Continue reading

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The Neon Demon is like a grim, psychological horror version of Mean Girls

I’m a Nicolas Winding Refn fan. Even before the explosive critical success of Drive, I was fully onboard with what the Danish writer-director brings to the table from his work on the Pusher trilogy, Bronson and, my personal favorite, Valhalla … Continue reading

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Hologrid: Monster Battle is the game Star Wars fans have waited 40 years to play

When the original Star Wars arrived, it seemed like the whole movie was created with video games in mind. The fledgling video game industry took note, and did the best they could with the technology available in the 70s and … Continue reading

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Judge says IP address alone can’t prove copyright infringement

Faced with the hordes on the Internet downloading their content without paying, some copyright holders have adopted a very aggressive tactic. Armed with teams of lawyers, film studios have taken to filing lawsuits against alleged infringers. One judge in Oregon … Continue reading

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Director of National Intelligence tells US travelers to use a burner phone overseas

Watch the news on any given day in 2016 and there will be a segment about unrest in other countries, terrorist attacks, and specific areas being on high alert because intelligence service believe an attack is imminent. With that in … Continue reading

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AMC renews Preacher for an extended second season

Good news for fans of AMC’s adaptation of the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion Preacher graphic novel: We’re actually going to get out of Annville and onto the main plot of the series, because the show has just been renewed … Continue reading

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Indefinite delay means no modding Fallout 4 on PS4 anytime soon

PC users have enjoyed mod support for the Fallout series for years, but their console brethren only recently got the feature with Fallout 4. The Xbox One received mod support back in May and the PS4 was expected to get … Continue reading

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Google Just Plugged Into Japan With Its Own Undersea Cable

Google just plugged itself straight into Japan. This week, a new undersea fiber-optic cable funded by Google and a consortium of Asian telecommunications companies went online. Dubbed Faster, the cable stretches about 5,600 miles from Oregon to two landing points … Continue reading

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