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The IWG Report: Japanese Comfort Women

The IWG, officially known as the Nazi War Criminal Records Interagency Working Group, was established in January 1999 by then US Pres. Bill Clinton to find and identify all Nazi war crime records, recommend them for declassification and release to … Continue reading

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Top French lawyer’s body found near beach

A prominent French lawyer has been found dead near his private island in Brittany, a suicide letter was left at his house. Olivier Metzner, 63, was found dead about 9am on the coast of Boedic, Vannes public prosecutor’s office said on Monday. … Continue reading

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Kenya’s Kenyatta urges ICC to drop charges

Lawyers for Uhuru Kenyatta are to push the International Criminal Court (ICC) to drop charges against Kenya’s president-elect after the case against Francis Muthaura, his co-accused, collapsed. The case against Kenyatta, charged with crimes against humanity over deadly violence in the wake of Kenya’s disputed and election in 2007, has been further … Continue reading

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Australia boosts aid to Myanmar

Australia has boosted its aid and eased restrictions on defence cooperation with Myanmar as Thein Sein became the country’s first head of state to visit Canberra since 1974. Canberra said it was increasing its support to recognise reforms made as … Continue reading

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UN to debate global arms treaty

Diplomats from around the world are to gather at the United Nations for talks on an international arms trade treaty, in an effort to stop the sale of illegal conventional arms. Similar talks held last July failed, mainly due to … Continue reading

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Strike hits Yemen ahead of national dialogue

Thousands of supporters of separtists in southern Yemen have rallied to protest against a national dialogue starting on Monday, demanding that their region be seceeded from the north. Protesters carrying placards saying “No dialogue under occupation!, Independence is our choice!” … Continue reading

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Syria rebels ‘seize’ army complex near Golan

Syrian rebels have seized a Syrian military intelligence compound in the southern Hauran Plain near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, rebel commanders said. The frontier, quiet since Israel and Syria agreed on a US-brokered ceasefire in 1974, has turned volatile in … Continue reading

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Cyprus president defends tax bailout decision

President Nicos Anastasiades of Cyprus has said the levy on bank deposits to save the country’s economy is not what he wanted but less painful than the alternative, which was bankruptcy. In a televised address on Sunday evening Anastasiades also … Continue reading

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US teen football players found guilty of rape

Two high school football players in the US state of Ohio have been found guilty of rape.  The judge announced the verdict on Sunday following four days of testimony in Jefferson County juvenile court in eastern Ohio.  The two star … Continue reading

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Thousands greet Pope for first Angelus prayer

Pope Francis has appeared before some 150,000 pilgrims massed in St Peter’s Square for his first Angelus prayer and asked the faithful to pray for him. “Thank you for your welcome, and for your prayers,” the first pope from Latin … Continue reading

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